Frequently asked questions

What is a “meublé”? The best time to come to Paris? Answers to your questions on hotels and accommodation.

Some hotels and hotel chains offer special rates or even free places for children sharing their parents’ room. The definition of a child’s age varies from place to place, going from under- 12s, under-16s or even under-18s.

As well as these special prices, sometimes breakfast is offered free and hotels can give you plenty of ideas for making the most of family trips. You’ll find details of these in the information pages for each supplier.

Allocated to the development and promotion of tourism, this tax is also collected by many other countries (in Europe: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece).

On 1 January 1994, the Paris City Council introduced this tax which is applicable to all forms of paid accommodation: hotels and apartments, furnished accommodation, camp sites, etc. Ranging from €0.25 to €5 per person per day, it is not necessarily included in the price of the room but its payment is obligatory for all excepting children under 13 years of age.