Frequently asked questions

What is a “meublé”? The best time to come to Paris? Answers to your questions on hotels and accommodation.

If you are just passing through Paris or in transit between two international flights, hotels can let rooms just for the daytime. 

You will find this label on our web site to designate tourist sites and facilities providing access for disabled persons, taking into account 4 categories of disability: hearing, visual, mental and physical.

Physical disability
Picto handicap moteur Paris
Visual impairment
Picto handicap visuel Paris
Mental disability
Picto handicap mental Paris
Hearing impairment
Picto handicap auditif Paris

 Practical information for visitors with disabilities

Members of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau (PCVB) are shown by the presence of our logo next to their name. This means that this trade professional participates in different promotional and hospitality initiatives led by the PCVB each year in order to greet and assist tourists.