Frequently asked questions

What is a “meublé”? The best time to come to Paris? Answers to your questions on hotels and accommodation.

The charming concept of a 'hôtel de charme' has no official status of any kind. A subjective description, it is not taken into account by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, its use being left to the discretion of hotel owners, hotel chains, tour operators or publishing houses.

Hotels, usually ranging from 2** to 4**** categories, may be described in this way for the attractiveness of their location, for their decor or their level of comfort.

There are no age restrictions but you must have the “Auberges de Jeunesse” membership card. It is on sale worldwide through approved travel agents. It has to be said that as the comfort is quite basic, it is rare to see thirty-somethings or above staying here…

 Youth hostels in Paris

These are self-contained fully-equipped studios or apartments, available for short- or longer-term rental. Expect to pay at least €500 per month for a studio. Some furnished accommodation offers additional hotel facilities (room service, car park, baby-sitting, etc.). This type of accommodation can be booked through agencies. 

 Furnished apartments in Paris

From 2** to 4****, or ungraded, they consist of furnished and fully-equipped studios (one room) or apartments, in blocks or on low-rise estates. These apartments can be rented by the day, but more often by the week or month. They also provide the advantage of hotel services. 

 Serviced apartments in Paris

Aparthotels are graded by the Paris Préfecture de Police based on the same criteria as hotels (level of comfort, amenities and location). Rates vary according to category, apartment type, number of nights and time of year. 

 Serviced apartments in Paris

 Depending on geographical location, time of the year or major events taking place in the city, these prices may vary. They do not reflect any special offers or deals obtainable through travel agents.

On the basis of a double room, here is an idea of the price range per night in each category (not including breakfast):

Ungraded (HT)  simple and basic  under €60
1*basic amenities€60 to €90
2**basic amenities€60 to €90
3***good amenities€90 to €120
4****  putstanding amenities€250 to €650
5***** Lluxuryover €500

These categories correspond to the classification awarded by the Paris Préfecture de Police and it is worth noting that an ungraded hotel (HT) or one without stars may also be an indication that the requested classification has not yet been completed. The authority meets twice a year, so the interim period can be anything up to six months. Room rates shown are inclusive of taxes (except for “tourist tax”): it is compulsory for them to be displayed both outside the establishment and in the rooms.