The “Hôtes Qualité Paris” charter

Quality charter for B&B accommodation incorporating comfort, personalised welcome and conviviality

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In April 2005, the Paris City Council, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau and all the companies involved in the initiative launched a quality charter for Bed & Breakfast accommodation (“chambres d'hôtes”) incorporating comfort, personalised welcome and conviviality.
Identified by the name “Hôtes Qualité Paris”, this initiative aims to encourage interaction between Parisians and visitors to Paris while providing quality accommodation with local residents in Paris-style Bed & Breakfast rooms.
The purpose of the “Hôtes Qualité Paris” charter is to define the notion of Parisian Bed & Breakfast based on the criteria of welcome, comfort and amenities. It also sets down the commitments of the Member Companies involved.

The"Hotes Qualité Paris" guest rooms

The “Hôtes Qualité Paris” guest room

The “Hôtes Qualité Paris” name guarantees visitors quality accommodation in the main residence of a Parisian home-owner, who serves a French-style breakfast and provides a door key.
It signifies a Parisian welcome, in a Parisian home, with a home-made breakfast served at the family table.

Guest room

- The guest room should be comfortable and welcoming and measure a minimum of 10 sq.m.
- It should be perfectly clean, with the bed in an excellent condition.
- Each room, correctly ventilated or heated, has at least one window providing an acceptable light source.
- The bed is composed of a base and a mattress measuring 80 x 190 cm for one person, 70 x 190 cm for twin beds and at least 140 x 190 cm for a double bed.
- A sofa-bed may be provided as an optional extra bed as long as the size of the room allows it.
- The guest room must have its own cupboard space and a bedside lamp.
- Blankets, quilts, bedspreads and pillows should all be in good condition.
- Sheets and pillowcases are to be changed at least every 4 days and after each visitor.
- The apartment’s wall and floor coverings should be in good condition.
- Guest rooms with constant or night-time noise disturbance are not accepted.

- The bathroom can be shared or private. It should be indicated as such.
- The bathroom is composed of at least a sink, a bath or a shower.
- All the elements should be clean and in perfect working order.
- The bathroom linen (bath towel and hand towel) is to be changed at least every 4 days and after each visitor.
- The facilities are to be cleaned every day if they are shared and every 4 days if they are private.
- One bathroom can be shared by six people maximum (hosts included).

- Carefully served by the homeowners, the French-style family breakfast must include at least tea, coffee or hot chocolate, milk, fresh bread, butter and jams.


Members’ agreement (extracts)

- The Member Company undertakes to feature hosts who give priority to the quality of the welcome and comfort, and who are keen to offer a personalised guide to their city.
- He or She agrees to use the “Hôtes Qualité Paris” name only with reference to hosts and rooms qualifying as Parisian bed and breakfast accommodation, as set out by the “Hôtes Qualité Paris” charter.
- He or She agrees that at least 60% of the total rooms offered will be bed and breakfast rooms corresponding to the Parisian definition “Hôtes Qualité Paris”.
- He or She agrees to clearly display on the company’s website the necessary requirements for room selection and to give a precise description of the guest rooms selected.
- He or She agrees to propose hosts he has met personally and accommodation he has physically visited.
- He or She agrees to show complete transparency where prices and services are concerned.
- He or She agrees to monitor the service provided and to ensure that the selected rooms always match the criteria of welcome, comfort and amenities defined by the “Hôtes Qualité Paris” charter.
- He or She agrees to indicate all possible options before booking: smokers, children, animals, Internet, languages, parking, air conditioning, separate entrance, extra bed, courtyard-facing, street-facing, upper floors without lift, step ladder, etc.
- He or She agrees to request that hosts provide tourist information on Paris.
- He or She agrees to deal with visitor complaints received by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau in writing and within two weeks.

List of companies

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