Fast food

Save your precious time : you’ll find sandwich shops where you can buy a snack lunch to eat as you go

Hamburger, cuisine rapide, Paris © Thinkstock

If you prefer not to nibble away at your budget, while also saving precious time, around the busy tourist areas you’ll find bakeries and sandwich shops where you can buy a snack lunch to eat as you go.
 A handful of self-service restaurants, handy for families, are good for a more copious meal, quick and inexpensive. Outside of the busy lunch hour, bistros and cafés are another idea for a bite to eat.
Brasseries can whip up a salad or a steak, though are more expensive.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the range of typically Parisian eateries on offer or if the kids are hankering after one of those little round buns, there are always the major fast food chains that are found the world over!

De Clercq, les rois de la frite

Fast food
169 rue Montmartre, Paris, 75002

De Clerq is considered to be the king of chips, and with good reason! The Belgian speciality is served here in traditional cones.......


Fast food
30 rue de Miromesnil, Paris, 75008

Welcome to Mozzachic - a little slice of Italy in the business district of Miromesnil. This restaurant/bar/delicatessen/caterer......

La Maison de la Poutine

Fast food
82 avenue Parmentier, Paris, 75011

At b&m burger, its the customers that gets to choose their burger themselves, according to their tastes! One single thing is......

PUR etc.

Fast food
21 rue des Jeûneurs, Paris, 75002

In the heart of the Sentier district, the PUR etc. is a temple of "locavorism". The fruits and vegetables arrive from the harvest......

Cantine California

Fast food
46 rue de Turbigo, Paris, 75003

The Cantine California started with a single foodtruck roaming the streets of Paris. Since April 2014, a fixed restaurant has......