Fast food

Save your precious time : you’ll find sandwich shops where you can buy a snack lunch to eat as you go

Hamburger, cuisine rapide, Paris © Thinkstock

If you prefer not to nibble away at your budget, while also saving precious time, around the busy tourist areas you’ll find bakeries and sandwich shops where you can buy a snack lunch to eat as you go.
 A handful of self-service restaurants, handy for families, are good for a more copious meal, quick and inexpensive. Outside of the busy lunch hour, bistros and cafés are another idea for a bite to eat.
Brasseries can whip up a salad or a steak, though are more expensive.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the range of typically Parisian eateries on offer or if the kids are hankering after one of those little round buns, there are always the major fast food chains that are found the world over!

Le Grand Café d'Orléans

Fast food | In a museum or monument
Aile du Midi - Château de Versailles, Versailles, 78000

Located within the Palace of Versailles, in the Midi wing, the spaces of the Grand Café d’Orléans once housed royal princes and......

Maison Foude

Fast food | In a shop/store
One Nation Paris – niveau 0, patio cour de marbre, Les Clayes-sous-Bois, 78340

This restaurant, with its Brooklyn street art vibe, serves burgers, homemade fries, quiches, salad at the Salad'Bar and homemade......

Le Bar à Soupes

Fast food
33 rue de Charonne, Paris, 75011

The star meal in this bar: soup! Every day, six different original and tasty soups are on the menu, are available to eat in or to......


Fast food
15 avenue de Choisy, Paris, 75013

Welcome to the most famous Chinese canteen in the Chinese district! Don't be put off by the queue, the fast turn-around or the......


Fast food
6 rue de Sèze, Paris, 75009

Cojean is a precursor of new-style fast food. The idea is to provide a healthy, balanced meal on the go. The place serves up good......


Fast food
12 rue Trévise, Paris, 75009

This organic canteen has a refined style and the service couldn't be more attentive. Most of the pictures on the walls feature......


Fast food
51 rue Le Peletier, Paris, 75009

A sandwich for €1. The Goûtu offers fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches for the modest price of €1. Other more elaborated......

L'As du Fallafel

Fast food
34 rue des Rosiers, Paris, 75004

The place for authentic falafel is right here in the Rue de Rosiers in the heart of the Jewish district, one of the most......


Fast food
24 rue de la Boëtie, Paris, 75008

Once upon a time on a trip to New York, three French friends discovered salad bars. Attracted by the idea of fast and healthy......


Fast food
62 rue Rambuteau, Paris, 75003

A Lebanese snack to eat on the go and feast upon without breaking the bank. Sandwiches made using fresh bread cooked before your......