Cafes for play

Cafes where everyone plays: games for babies, board games, workshops

Poussette café, Paris © DR - OTCP - Poussette café

To make it easier to socialize, play cafes bring people together over a drink and a game: board games for everyone at L'Oya Café.

Whilst at Le Poussette café, parents get children to play and take part in ‘young parent’ workshops. Simple and friendly occasions, just like at home. Parisians and visitors get the chance to meet each other here.


Jeu et détente
48 rue du Dessous des Berges, Paris, 75013

Strateges is an original game room that offers miniature games with figurines on interactive tables. There are historical battles......

L’Oya Café

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment
25 rue de la Reine Blanche, Paris, 75013

L’Oya is a one of a kind café in the heart of Les Gobelins district in the 13th arrondissement. It is unique because of its......