Cooking School Alain Ducasse (École de cuisine Alain Ducasse)

The Alain Ducasse Cooking School offers courses in cooking, pastry making and oenology for all levels.

Ecole de cuisine - Alain ducasse - Ambiance du cours 2, Paris © Benjamin Schmuck

The Alain Ducasse Cooking School, in the heart of Paris’s 16th arrondissement, opened in2009 and welcomes chefs and food lovers. Cooking, pastry making and oenology courses are held in a warm friendly atmosphere in a 500 m² space decorated by Pierre-Yves Rochon.

Pedagogy, inventiveness, tradition … such are the watchwords of this establishment imagined by Alain Ducasse, an emblematic figure of French cuisine internationally and the first chef to be at the head of 3 restaurants with 3 stars in the Michelin Guide. A record! At this school, the general public learn professional expertise and tips on a range of varied courses. How to make a good bistro dish, a cheese soufflé, a wok dish with vegetables, a crème brûlée and even raspberry macarons, there is something for every taste!

The Alain Ducasse Cooking School is noted for its chefs who all embody the savoir faire of world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Techniques, cooking, seasoning, everything is explained in detail revealing the secrets of great cooks. Students can choose the dishes they wish to make according to their level, and the type of cooking they like.


With more than 10 themes and numerous options, The Alain Ducasse Cooking School will certainly give you an appetite!

On the programme:

> ‘Spotlight’ cooking: emblematic Alain Ducasse courses. Each lesson focusses on an ingredient or a specific technique. You can learn all about pasta and gnocchi, cuts and cooking methods or the secrets and tips of making a good soufflé.

Please note: the courses are given in French or English depending on the session chosen.

> Pastry: a little, a lot, passionately!: Designed especially for sweet enthusiasts, these courses show students how to make pastry classics such as choux pastry, confectionery, or macarons.

Please note: courses are given in French or English depending on the session chosen.

Other courses are also available: 1st cooking lesson: several practical tips to practise at home / Do it like a chef!: pick up tips from the chefs to cook everything yourself/cooking classes in English: cooking classes and pastry-making classes in English / Traditional cooking: classic recipes, regional cooking/ 3-star cooking: Alain Ducasse recipes for experienced amateur cooks/ Healthy cooking: learn to cook healthy- vegetable-, fruit- and cereal-based recipes/ everyday cooking: new recipe ideas for every day/ Kids in the kitchen!: cooking classes for children.

What’s more, for wine lovers, the Alain Ducasse Cooking School offers wine tasting sessions to learn about the different grape varieties and know the right questions to ask a sommelier.

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The École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse offers classes for every taste, every level, in one word everyone. It can be cooking classes,......