Choose your restaurant well: quality labels

Knowing what is on your plate at restaurants in the capital is now possible, thanks to quality labels!

Tourist and Parisian good food fans would all like to enjoy the best products, know where they come from and be given the best service possible … Information that is not always easy to find when you are booking a table at one of Paris’s many restaurants.

In order to meet these demands and to reassure consumers and help them to choose a restaurant, restaurateurs and the French state have created two ‘seals of approval’: the reference ‘fait maison’ (‘Home-made’), and the title ‘Maître restaurateur’ (‘Master Restaurateur’). Consumers can also refer to the quality label ‘Des produits d’ici cuisinés ici’ (‘Locally-sourced products cooked onsite’), created by CERVIA (Centre Régional de Valorisation et d’Innovation Agricole Alimentaire).


Home-made ('Fait maison')

Logo Fait Maison Paris



The reference ‘Fait maison’ (officially introduced on 13 July 2014) appears on a restaurant menu where the dishes offered are entirely cooked onsite from unprocessed products. The interest of this reference is twofold. First of all it benefits professionals and their teams by highlighting their profession and expertise. Secondly, it gives consumers the assurance that the dishes cooked have been made onsite from unprocessed products.

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Master restaurateur ('Maître restaurateur')

Logo Maître Restaurateur Paris


Awarded by the French state, the title of ‘Maître restaurateur’ (‘Master restaurateur’) is given to restaurateurs meeting specific criteria: freshness of products, onsite cooking, quality of welcome given to customers and respect of hygiene and safety regulations. For the dining public, it ensures a quality service, in the restaurant of a restaurateur from the catering profession.





Below is a selection of Parisian restaurants with the quality label ‘Maître restaurateur’ (‘Master restaurateur’):

54 rue de Bourgogne, 7e
Brasserie Mollard
115 rue Saint-Lazare, 8e
Chez Françoise
Aérogare des Invalides, 7e
Le Pataques
40 boulevard de Bercy, 12e
Le Petit Zinc
11 rue Saint-Benoît, 6e
Le Procope
13 rue de l'Ancienne Comédie, 6e

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Locally-sourced products cooked onsite ('Des produits d'ici cuisinés ici')

Logo Des produits d'ici cuisinés ici Paris


As the French region has a wealth of good products and as it is possible to eat locally in the French region, many restaurateurs have adhered to the label ‘Des produits d’ici cuisinés ici’ (‘Locally-sourced products cooked onsite’). The links between producers and restaurant trade professionals are strengthened, the added value is mutual, and short supply chains are favoured.  The results can be found on the plates of consumers: food made from local products, cooked onsite, all in a sustainable development approach.

Below is a selection of restaurants with the quality label ‘Des produits d'ici cuisinés ici’ (‘Locally-sourced products cooked onsite’):


La Bonne Franquette

2 rue des Saules, 18e

Les Noces de Jeannette
14 rue Favart - 9 rue d'Amboise, 2e

+ info sur le label « Des produits d'ici cuisinés ici » (‘Localisatrice products cooked onsite’)