Vintage Bars in Paris

With an atmosphere of bygone times, local bars and old bars conjure up Paris of yesteryear

Bar et cocktails, Paris © Fotolia - Kondor83

Paris wouldn’t be Paris without its local bistros and bars. With their old zinc bars and animated conversation, cafes and other bars-tabacs (bar tobacconists) are typical of Paris.

Aux Folies, in Belleville, is a traditional brasserie that has become trendy over the years. At first glance, with its neon lights and mismatched chairs, this popular bar doesn’t seem particularly special, but it is a favourite with Parisians.

In the 9th arrondissement, Le Béguin transports you back in time to the 1950s. The zinc drinks bar and coal stove are authentic period pieces and the music is predominantly rock n roll and swing.

Le Zorba, a bar-PMU (betting bar) of choice for night owls along rue du Faubourg Temple, has a cheerful vibe with DJ sets, concerts and a dance floor on the lower ground floor. In recent years, vintage venues have become hip like glossy cocktail bars inspired by the past.

L’Entrée des Artistes, close to Cirque d’Hiver, is a small and friendly bar with an aura of the past.

Le Béguin

2 rue du Cardinal Mercier, Paris, 75009

Between the place de Clichy and the Trinity, the Béguin throw you into the 1950s! Hidden in a cul-de-sac, this retro bistro has......

L'entrée des artistes - Pigalle

30-32 rue Victor Massé, Paris, 75009

The Entrée des Artistes is a cocktail bar ideally located in one of Paris's most popular districts with night owls, in Pigalle.......

Le Cinquante

50 rue de Lancry, Paris, 75010

Le Cinquante suits its name well: 50s style decor, located at 50 rue de Lancry and only 50m away from the Saint-Martin canal.......

Le Zorba

137 rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris, 75010

The Bar-PMU, located in the heart of Belleville, is exactly like the district itself: popular, cosmopolitan and trendy. The Zorba......


1 rue Oberkampf, Paris, 75011

At 1 Rue Oberkampf, one of the most popular streets in Paris, is the Autobus. In theory, a bar-PMU as found in all districts of......

Marlusse et Lapin

14 rue Germain Pilon, Paris, 75018

Not particularly striking from the outside but once inside you will discover a place that looks like an hotel room, populated by......

Aux Folies de Belleville

8 rue de Belleville, Paris, 75020

Aux Folies is a landmark place in Belleville, one of the liveliest districts in Paris. It has been popular since … the 18th......