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Tipping? How late can you dine out?… Everything you need to know before going out for lunch or dinner in Paris.

Alcoholic drinks are on sale at grocers’, wine shops or supermarkets.

We must not forget though that alcohol over-indulgence is not only bad for our health, it can also threaten our driving licence (loss of points, considerable fines) and above all endanger lives.

Any establishment selling alcohol is not authorized to serve children under 16 years of age.

  Drinks less than 15 degrees in strength (wine, beer) can be served to under-18s, but not spirits and liqueurs (whisky, vodka, etc.) Restaurants that do not have the appropriate licence cannot serve alcoholic drinks except to accompany a meal.

A custom imported from English-speaking lands, it has been “happily” adopted by the French and is rife at the time of “l’apéritif” (from 6 to 8 pm) when certain cafés and bistros offer their best cocktails or wine by the glass at a reduced price or sometimes “2 for the price of 1”.

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