World cooking

On the menu: great African specialities (maffé, alloco, etc.) world cooking classics (chicken Israeli style, etc.).

Cuisine Africaine à Paris © Thinkstock

How about a delicious exotic journey around the capital? On the menu: great African specialities (maffé, tilapia, alloco, etc.) and classics of world cooking (chicken Israeli style, etc.). Choose your destination.


Traditional French cuisine
6 rue Godefroy-Cavaignac, Paris, 75011

This restaurant has great service, candlelit evenings and expertly spiced African specialties such as meat, fish and vegetables......

Comme sur une île

Traditional French cuisine
83 rue Orfila, Paris, 75020

The island of Mauritius is in the heart of the Indian Ocean and has a great fusion of foods from other countries. Mixtures of......

Aux Petits Chandeliers

Traditional French cuisine
62 rue Daguerre, Paris, 75014

The atmosphere and flavours in this restaurant are typical of the island of Réunion. You can buy bouchons, rougails and......