Oriental cooking

Oriental cooking (couscous, tajines, pastries, etc.) delights the senses.

Le Bec Fin, Paris © DR

With its wonderful colours, perfume and special flavours, Oriental cooking delights the senses. Couscous, tajines, oriental pastries, mint tea … Paris has just the right restaurants for you.


Traditional French cuisine
12 rue d'Armaillé, Paris, 75017

Pass through the front door and enter into a Moroccan riad! Tagines and couscous are sure to please, but the menu also has......

Chez Omar

Traditional French cuisine
47 rue de Bretagne, Paris, 75003

Don't believe the decor of this old Parisian bistro: Chez Omar is renowned for its couscous and its warm welcome!

Le Bec Fin

Traditional French cuisine
Chez Said - 15 rue du faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris, 75010

At Bec Fin, generous portions of couscous are served at very modest prices. Choose from Berber couscous, roasted couscous,......


Traditional French cuisine
7 avenue de Laumière, Paris, 75019

Carpets, curtains and objects of art set the scene of this refined Berber stopover. You can enjoy spices from the countries of......

Chez Mamane

Traditional French cuisine
27 rue des Cinq Diamants, Paris, 75013

Perfect meals, tasty vegetables, chicken, lamb, merguez couscous ... All of this is delicious, prices are cheap and good mood......

Restaurant Les 3 Frères

Traditional French cuisine
14 rue Léon, Paris, 75018

Situated in a little street in the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood, the Goutte d’Or offers its customers home-made merguez couscous......