Indian cooking

Indian cooking is as refined as it is spicy.

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Indian cooking is as refined as it is spicy, accompanied by a variety of breads, rice and sauces. Most recipes use a mixture of spices such as turmeric, curry powder, tandoori paste, vindaloo paste and the garam masala spice blend. Popular traditional dishes include tandoori chicken, lamb biryani, samosas, chicken curry and spicy onion chutney. Classic Indian fare also boasts a variety of vegetarian dishes such as vegetable curry, red lentil dal, or stew, and vegetable pakoras.


Traditional French cuisine
32 rue de Berri, Paris, 75008

A chic spot for lovers of Indian food. Elegant decor with sitar performances in the evening. Since 1967, the Annapurna......

Jodhpur Palace

Traditional French cuisine
42 Allée Vivaldi, Paris, 75012

In a traditional and sophisticated decor, enjoy specialties from the city of Jodhpur in Northern India. Guaranteed change of......


Traditional French cuisine
85 avenue des Ternes, Paris, 75017

Having worked in the restaurant industry since 1976, we created our first restaurant in Paris in 1991 - the Nirnana-Inde, where......

Nirvana Inde

Traditional French cuisine
6 rue de Moscou, Paris, 75008

Actors from theatres in the area often eat at this luxury restaurant, decorated by talented Griviane Grover Gupta. Enjoy......

Krishna Bhavan

Traditional French cuisine
24 rue Cail, Paris, 75010

On the menu, only vegetarian Indian food: delicious soups, doughnuts, and vegetable crêpes at low prices. Unmissable!

Le Maharajah

Traditional French cuisine
72 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 75005

A stone's throw away from the Notre-Dame cathedral, you can find the oldest Indian restaurant in Paris: the Maharajah.


Traditional French cuisine
13 rue de la Harpe, Paris, 75005

A few paces from the Place Saint-Michel, in the heart of the Latin Quarter, Safran offers a relaxing and contemporary atmosphere......

Le New Balal

Traditional French cuisine
25 rue Taitbout, Paris, 75009

The New Balal, close to the Opéra and designer shops, is a Indian/Pakistani restaurant that stands out thanks to its chic decor......

Jaipur Café

Traditional French cuisine
15-17 rue des Messageries, Paris, 75010

The Jaipur Café, with a cozy, friendly and intimate atmosphere, embarks food lovers on a gastronomic journey through India using......

Passage de Pondichéry

Traditional French cuisine
84 passage Brady, Paris, 75010

The Passage de Pondichéry is located in the heart of the Indian Quarter in the 10th arrondissement. It has become popular thanks......