Eastern and Northern European cuisine

Fancy trying something different? How about a culinary journey to Northern and Eastern Europe?

For fine food lovers in search of new flavours, Paris offers the possibility of discovering Northern and Eastern European cuisine.

Danish cuisine has seduced fans of salmon, herring, potatoes and rye bread.

Heading in a more easterly direction, Polish cooking abounds in delicious traditional dishes, typically served in generous portions: sausages, meat served with sauces, cabbage, as well as tasty cakes and biscuits are some of this country’s staple fare.

As for Russian cuisine, well there’s more than just caviar. Other not-to-be-missed delicacies include beef Strogonoff, zakouskis, blinis and chachlikis, all washed down by a traditional glass of vodka!

La Cantine Russe

Traditional French cuisine
26 avenue de New York, Paris, 75016

Located opposite the Eiffel Tower in the 16th arrondissement, this traditional Russian restaurant helps you to discover the food......

Le 16e Sens

Traditional French cuisine
3 rue Gustave Courbet, Paris, 75016

Le 16e Sens is a Russian grocery shop/restaurant located close to Trocadéro. In a welcoming atmosphere, have a good time whilst......

Aux Trois Violons - Matouchka

Traditional French cuisine
22 rue Saint-Sébastien, Paris, 75011

Aux Trois Violons - Matouchka is located between two symbolic places in Parisian nightlife: Bastille and République. People come......

Le Zakouski

Traditional French cuisine
127 rue du Château, Paris, 75014

The warm atmosphere of this small Russian old-style bistro, located behind Montparnasse, offers a pleasant break with culinary......


Traditional French cuisine
119 boulevard Raspail, Paris, 75006

The Franco-Russian coffee shop Ikra ("caviar" in Russian) has contemporary decor and is ideally located between Montparnasse,......


Traditional French cuisine
52 rue d'Orsel, Paris, 75018

The Russian restaurant "Svetlana" is not far away from the Théâtre de l'Atelier, close to Montmartre... and in a sea of colours,......