Fine food shops and caterers

Legendary names in the world of gastronomy offer you the refinement of their tasty dishes, their wine cellars or their pastries.

Traiteur St Laurent - Groupe Eurosites

A feast fit for a king

Legendary names in the world of gastronomy offer you the refinement of their tasty dishes, their wine cellars or their pastries, either in their boutiques or delivered right to your door, workplace or conference centre

You could choose to give a festive touch to your soirée, to your romantic dinner, family or group gathering, anything from “petits fours”, “foie gras” and champagne to lavish afternoon tea. These top-class suppliers provide you with solutions for all your needs: waiter service, wine waiters, table decoration, etc. A gourmet’s dream on a silver platter!

Chez Pascal - Dunes Blanches

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
54 rue des Archives, Paris, 75004

We have the honour of making the Dune Blanche every day in each of our shops, a crunchy chou pastry filled with light cream. This......

Oliviers & Co Bercy Village

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
Cour Saint Emilion, Paris, 75012

Oliviers & Co sources olive oil from throughout the Mediterranean basin. It also offers associated products such as vinegars,......

Le Boulanger de la Tour

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
2 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris, 75005

The star product of the bakery, the baguette de la Tour est - like all the bread - made in our workshop in front of customers,......

La Petite Epicerie

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
13 quai de la Tournelle, Paris, 75005

La Petite Epicerie de la Tour has opened at no. 13, next to the Tour d’Argent. A place where you will find all the daily......


Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
11 rue du Pont-Louis-Philippe, Paris, 75004

A true temple dedicated to Japan and its customs, Kimonoya is teeming with the finest handicrafts. Fans, lamps, dishes, fabrics,......

Legrand Filles & Fils

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
1 rue de la Banque, Paris, 75002

The most beautiful cave of Paris, famous for its young wines that are as affordable as they are tasty. Evening tasting sessions......

Paris Store

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
44 avenue d'Ivry, Paris, 75013

It is a paradise for lovers of Asian cuisine. Connoisseurs and expatriates come here to buy rice and noodles, spices and......

Bellota-Bellota Champs-Élysées

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
11 rue Clément Marot, Paris, 75008

At the heart of Paris, you will be able to taste the best of Spain (wines, meats, cheeses and the famous Bellota-Bellota ham) as......

Bellota-Bellota selon Byzance

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
27 rue Yves Kermen, Boulogne-Billancourt, 92100

Once you have (finally!) found this deli counter, you will keep returning to Boulogne-Billancourt to discover France's leading......

La Cure Gourmande

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
49 avenue de l'Opéra, Paris, 75002

Traditional French souvenirs and food gifts: biscuits, chocolates, calissons (marzipan-like confectionery), berlandises (boiled......