Themed cafes and restaurants

Feel like dining in an unusual Parisian setting? Here is a selection of venues that are both tasty and memorable!

Café des 2 Moulins, Paris © OTCP - David Lefranc

For fine food lovers in search of unusual places in which to eat, Paris offers several surprising and eclectic possibilities. The combination of the originality of the setting and the quality of the cuisine on offer ensures that diners will enjoy an exceptional and memorable experience.

Of the many choices available, sports lovers can have lunch in the lively atmosphere of a sports restaurant and fans of superheroes can enjoy a burger in a venue with its decor inspired by comic books. A fan of travel? Why not eat in one of the now-restored former carriages of the mythical Orient Express?

The Bar Corner Adhérent

Marketing (E-communication/publication/telecommunications, etc.)
Welcome City Lab, Tour Gamma A, Paris, 75012

The Bar Corner allows you to find THE bar that suits you in a twinkle of an eye ! Are you fun, cool or a demon ? Are you looking......

Hard Rock Cafe Adhérent

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment
14 boulevard Montmartre, Paris, 75009

When you’re visiting one of the world’s most famous destinations, be sure to stop into Hard Rock Cafe Paris for a delicious meal,......

La Bellevilloise Adhérent

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment | With show (cabaret, singing, etc)
19-21 rue Boyer, Paris, 75020

Independent institution founded in 1877 dedicated to light and creation A multidisciplinary cultural venue: café-restaurant,......

ReminiSens Adhérent

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment | With show (cabaret, singing, etc)
20 rue Baillet Reviron, Versailles, 78000

The restaurant and theatre ReminiSens invites you on an enchanting journey through time to discover the customs of the French......

Les Athlètes

Traditional French cuisine
6 rue des Colonnes, Paris, 75002

The vintage decor pays homage to the great sportsmen of yesteryear and the menu is an invitation to tuck in: pork products, a......

Monument Café Versailles

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment
1 rue du Maréchal Joffre - Quartier Saint-Louis, Versailles, 78000

Before or after a visit to the nearby chateau, you can take a virtual guided tour while enjoying brunch or an all-you-can-eat......