Wood panelling and subdued lighting, a large choice of beers and whisky … the pub is a veritable institution

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Pubs come straight from the British Isles, where they are a real institution. With their wood panelling and dim lighting and their wide selection of beer and whisky from Scotland, Ireland, Australia or even the Czech Republic, added to a friendly atmosphere...

... they are just the places for fans to go to watch the big rugby matches. A home away from home with a “différence”!

Frog at Bercy Village

Pub | With show (cabaret, singing, etc)
25 Cour Saint Emilion, Paris, 75012

The Frog at Bercy Village is situated in a historic Parisian wine chai. With over 400 sq meters, this magnificent English......

Sir Winston

5 rue de Presbourg, Paris, 75116

Welcome to the Sir Winston, one of the capital’s oldest pubs. In its colonial-inspired decor (fine wood panelling, leopard sofa,......

Le Falstaff

42 rue du Montparnasse, Paris, 75014

French pub. Beer paradise. Frequented by students, the Falstaff serves no less than 120 types of beer to satisfy all thirsts.......

Le Merle Moqueur

11 rue de la Butte aux Cailles, Paris, 75013

Situated in one of the most charming areas in Paris, a stone's throw from the beautiful Rue des Cinq Diamants, this little pub in......