Whether working-class, trendy or chic Parisian bars are THE ideal rendezvous for conviviality

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Whether working-class, trendy or chic, gay or inexpensive, Parisian bars are THE ideal rendezvous offering hospitality and conviviality. Serving coffee, cocktails or a light snack, each bar has its own atmosphere, setting and character.

The Bar Corner Adhérent

Marketing (E-communication/publication/telecommunications, etc.)
Welcome City Lab, Tour Gamma A, Paris, 75012

The Bar Corner is the 1st mobile application dedicated to bars and their events in Paris. Live a unique experience and find a......

Café Chéri(e)

44 boulevard de la Villette, Paris, 75019

Café Chéri(e) is one of the best bars in Belleville. The clientele is diverse and the atmosphere laid-back and mainstream. It......

Le Bellerive

71 quai de la Seine, Paris, 75019

Le Bellerive is situated close to the canal Saint-Martin near La Villette, a lively district with shops, bars and restaurants.......

Le Sans-Souci

65 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle , Paris, 75009

In Pigalle, one of the liveliest districts in the capital, the pavement is crowded with party-goers and regulars standing up......

Le Mansart

1 rue Mansart, Paris, 75009

Run by the same group as Le Sans-Souci, Chez Jeannette and Le Floréal, Le Mansart is the hotspot for hipsters from South Pigalle......

Le Lautrec

63 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Paris, 75009

Le Lautrec is a must for Pigalle’s night owls. Very close to the biggest clubs in the district (La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Les......

Le Progrès

1 rue de Bretagne, Paris, 75003

At the intersection of three very lively roads in the Haut Marais (rue de Bretagne, rue de Turenne and rue Vielle du Temple), Le......

L'entrée des artistes

30-32 rue Victor Massé, Paris, 75009

The Entrée des Artistes is a cocktail bar ideally located in one of Paris's most popular districts with night owls, in Pigalle.......

Le Cinquante

50 rue de Lancry, Paris, 75010

Le Cinquante suits its name well: 50s style decor, located at 50 rue de Lancry and only 50m away from the Saint-Martin canal.......

Le Zorba

137 rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris, 75010

The Bar-PMU, located in the heart of Belleville, is exactly like the district itself: popular, cosmopolitan and trendy. The Zorba......


1 rue Oberkampf, Paris, 75011

At 1 Rue Oberkampf, one of the most popular streets in Paris, is the Autobus. In theory, a bar-PMU as found in all districts of......