Whether working-class, trendy or chic Parisian bars are THE ideal rendezvous for conviviality

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Whether working-class, trendy or chic, gay or inexpensive, Parisian bars are THE ideal rendezvous offering hospitality and conviviality. Serving coffee, cocktails or a light snack, each bar has its own atmosphere, setting and character.

The Bar Corner Member

Marketing (E-communication/publication/telecommunications, etc.)
Welcome City Lab, Tour Gamma A, Paris, 75012

The Bar Corner allows you to find THE bar that suits you in a twinkle of an eye ! Are you fun, cool or a demon ? Are you looking......

Le 153 Member

Bar | With show (cabaret, singing, etc)
153 rue Saint-Martin, Paris, 75003

At number 153 of the pleasant rue Saint Martin, a curious and creative cocktail bar and restaurant opened, over 3 floors in the......

Le Comptoir des Batignolles Member

20 rue des Dames, Paris, 75017

Great cocktails, great wine. Chilled local vibe. Knowledgeable, attentive bar staff... Really the coolest bar. Wa also serve a......

Zéro de conduite

102 rue du Théâtre, Paris, 75015

A real return to childhood! Zéro de conduite takes you on a journey back in time: to the time when you loved cartoons and games......

Open Café

17 rue des Archives, Paris, 75004

_One of the most popular gay bars in the capital. Over time, the Open Café has gained a reputation as the favourite meeting place......

Le Cox

15 rue des Archives, Paris, 75004

_A direct rival of the Open Café (a few metres away), Le Cox remains a favourite address for gay evenings in Paris.......

Les 4 Éléments

149 rue Amelot, Paris, 75011

Les 4 Éléments, between République and Oberkampf, is a hybrid place halfway between a bar and a club, with an area of 160 m² over......

La Cordonnerie

28 rue Greneta, Paris, 75002

Looking for a bar which really is non-expensive? At La Cordonnerie, a pint of beer is €4. Other drinks are priced similarly in......

Tribal Café

3 cour des Petites Écuries, Paris, 75010

Tribal Café is a bar with an oriental setting and atmosphere, located close to the Grands Boulevards. It serves free couscous on......

Le Pop In

105 rue Amelot, Paris, 75011

Le Pop In is primarily a rock bar. With a variety of beers, live concerts, and a lively atmosphere, the venue welcomes fans of......

La Fourmi

74 rue des Martyrs, Paris, 75018

Customers at the La Fourmi bar bring the rue des Martyrs to life. Its friendly atmosphere, cosy lighting and attractive drinks......