Dinner at the racetrack

Tempted by lunch or dinner at the racetrack? A memorable atmosphere and prestigious setting guaranteed!

Restaurant Le Sulky - Hippodrome de Paris Vincennes - Champ de course

Horseracing is an important sporting tradition in France. Paris and the surrounding region boast a number of racetracks that host both important national and international events. Their restaurants with a view offer visitors an exclusive setting in which to watch such sporting events.

Whether you’re an avid horseracing fan or not, here you can enjoy a gastronomic meal while taking in the superb view of the racetracks below. The atmosphere varies depending on the time of day – the lively atmosphere at lunchtime is replaced by a more intimate one at dinner.

Les hippodromes France Galop

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  • 92 - Hauts-de-Seine

France Galop is responsible for the organization of gallop horse racing in France. A non-profit association, it manages five of......