A meal at home

Paris and gastronomy, a great love story, to share with Parisians in their own kitchens.

Dine out on food cooked by a chef or make a meal at home? Today, you do not have to make a choice. Whether the chef comes to you or whether you take their place, a variety of options make it possible for you to enjoy gastronomic cuisine in the comfort of a Parisian apartment.

Get yourself invited to the home of a Parisian

Although Parisians like to go out to restaurants, many also like to cook. And there are lots of talented cooks in the capital’s kitchens! So why not go along and meet some of these cooking enthusiasts who combine cooking with showing their hospitality to others? This is the concept proposed by Eatwith, which enables people to invite themselves to the homes of food lovers who wish to show off their culinary creations in good company. A special opportunity to enjoy friendly company in the intimate atmosphere of a Parisian apart

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Chef in the house

You no longer have to go to a restaurant to taste top-quality dishes. Instead, you can engage a chef to come and do the cooking in your kitchen! This concept, which is revolutionizing dinners at home, promises to delight the taste buds of you and your guests. The chef takes care of everything from the buying of the ingredients to the serving of the meal! This is a great way to enjoy a typically Parisian evening to the full whilst feeling right at home and relaxed knowing that there will be no hitches. And also an idea to keep in mind for people renting an apartment during their trip to Paris, or for those invited to friends. This would be a nice way of thanking them for their hospitality!

Whether you have a yearning for Japanese, molecular or vegan cooking, La Belle Assiette will satisfy all your expectations! A wide range of chefs with various specialities is at your service so that you won’t even have to leave the house. The same service can be found at invite1chef.com which also offers you the opportunity to take part in the preparation of the meal within the framework of a cooking lesson.

At Gastronhoming, it is François Marchenay and Pierre-Yves Tremintin who are ready to regale you. Both of them trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse. One is a chef, the other a sommelier. Their elegant and flavoursome menus are accompanied with the pleasure of wine tasting. Gourmet moments in view!

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Ready-to-cook delivery options

So, if you would like to take part in the cooking, (whether for a grand occasion or simply for your own personal pleasure) trying out new recipes and learning more about gastronomy as seen by Parisians can be a source of fun and original entertainment for you and your guests.

With Les Commis, put on the apron of a chef and produce dishes that feature on the menus of top restaurants. You choose a menu and they will take care of selecting quality products to deliver to your home. In your delivery, you will of course find the recipes and especially insider tips from the chefs to guide you and avoid any mistakes! Then, it is over to you to surprise your guests.

For their part, Joy and Charlotte, the founders of Cook Angels, have asked starred-chef Nicolas Beaumann to make his recipes accessible to all. Thanks to their gourmet ‘Eat-Bags’, you will be able to embark on haute gastronomy! You choose a menu from the list of dishes and the company will send you the ingredients in the right quantities with products pre-peeled and cut. Nothing could be easier than cooking like a chef!

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