Personal travel assistance

Companies and services offering personal travel assistance to people in and around Paris.

Companies and services offering personal travel assistance

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Below, the Bureau has compiled a list of companies offering travel assistance to disabled people. Contact details are provided with the description of each company to enable you to get in touch with them and find a service that meets your requirements.

Whatever your disability (physical, sensorial or cognitive) these specialist companies will make your stay in Paris easier with staff (qualified in different types of disability) to accompany you.


Medical assistance
35 rue des Abondances, Boulogne-Billancourt, 92100

Since 2003, the Vitalliance personal care assistants assist dependent people - elderly or disabled - so that they can make the......

Action Passeraile

Non-tourism association or federation
NC, Paris, 75

Action Passeraile is a non-profit organisation which offers accompaniment and care for adults who have physical or visual......