Stock up on accessories!

Stock up on all the gear and accessories you need in sporting equipment shops.

Many shops in Paris are totally sport-oriented, and some even specialize in a single sport, like running (La Boutique Marathon at Bercy Village). Cycling fans will find whatever they’re looking for at Bicloune or at BHV Vélo, both of which stock a vast range of road bikes and mountain bikes, as well as cycle parts and accessories to kit out your bike and treat it well. If roller skating is your preferred sport, you’ll want to head straight to Nomadeshop, the specialist shop for roller skates and kick scooters.

One particular store in Paris is on the itinerary of every sport lover - Au Vieux Campeur, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. With 30 specialist outlets, this Paris institution stocks a comprehensive set of equipment for any sport, from hiking and diving to rock climbing.

Mobicity au BHV Marais

40 rue de la Verrerie, Paris, 75004

This shop stocks everything to do with cycling. State-of-the-art bikes, electrically assisted bikes, tandems, child trailers,......

Au Vieux Campeur

48 rue des Écoles, Paris, 75005

Sale and repair of articles and accessories for camping, sports and leisure clothing, gear and equipment for winter sports and......


Viaduc des Arts - 65 avenue Daumesnil, Paris, 75012

Situated under the arches of the Viaduc des Arts, the boutique-showroom Bicloune offers customers a wide variety of bicycles:......