Cosy venues

Where you seem up close to the artist

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Classic venues on a human scale

Le Café de la Danse, Le Divan du Monde, La Boule Noire, Nouveau Casino, Zèbre de Belleville..

To get closer to your favourite singers or bands, there is nothing better than a small venue. Here, concerts are usually warm and friendly with a restricted audience … ideal conditions for a true encounter with the artist. This type of venue usually programmes both top artists as well as upcoming ones.

Very hush-hush addresses

La Bellevilloise, Le Piano vache, Salle Les Voûtes...

Here you are in close proximity to the artist. No gesture or emotion will escape you. Sometimes, you may even exchange a glance that could make you believe that he (or she) was singing only for you. The venue is tiny, the stage too, and you are taken good care of by the staff which makes you feel quite privileged. The alchemy has its effect and the evening becomes a memorable one. And in addition, it is also possible to have a free concert drink at these venues.

Le Duc des Lombards

Concert hall
42 rue des Lombards, Paris, 75001

Bobby FEW is the American pianist who, at the beginning of the 80s, played at the Duc des Lombards which at the time was a small......

Divan du Monde - Madame Arthur

Cabaret / Show
75 rue des Martyrs, Paris, 75018

Welcome to Madame Arthur! "The most trendy, friendly, eccentric, festive and relaxed place in Paris." On the stage at Divan du......

La Bellevilloise

Concert hall
19-21 rue Boyer, Paris, 75020

Independent institution founded in 1877 dedicated to light and creation A multidisciplinary cultural venue: café-restaurant,......

La Gaîté Lyrique

3 bis rue Papin, Paris, 75003

La Gaîté Lyrique is dedicated to digital culture and holds exhibitions, workshops, concerts, talks and screenings. It is a mix......

Le Trianon

Concert hall
80 boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris, 75018

Café de la Danse

Concert hall
5 passage Louis Philippe, Paris, 75011

Situated in the heart of the Bastille district, the Café de la Danse is one of the top venues on the music scene in Paris. Its......

La Maroquinerie

Concert hall
23 rue Boyer, Paris, 75020

La Maroquinerie, a 500-seat concert venue in the 20th arrondissement, is rooted in the Paris music scene, with its eclectic music......

Nouveau Casino

Concert hall
109 rue Oberkampf, Paris, 75011

In the lively Oberkampf district, Nouveau Casino is dedicated to the rock and electro scene. Its range of cool, modern music......

Le Zèbre de Belleville

Concert hall
63 boulevard de Belleville, Paris, 75011

The Zèbre de Belleville is a former local cinema that has been transformed into an auditorium for concerts, circuses, etc. In the......

La Java

Disco and club
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris, 75010

Created at the start of the 1920s, the Java is a legendary club located in the popular and trendy district of Belleville. Access......

Le Point Ephémère

Concert hall
200 quai Valmy, Paris, 75010

Located on the Canal St Martin, the Point Ephémère is a large cultural centre allowing artists to develop their art projects.......

La Boule Noire

Concert hall
118 boulevard Rochechouart, Paris, 75018

La Boule Noire's hushed atmosphere and avant-garde echoes make this venue in the Pigalle district, in the 18th arrondissement,......

Les Voûtes

Concert hall
19 rue des Frigos, Paris, 75013

Les Voûtes, located next to Les Frigos, resonates with experimental sounds, in a rustic setting that is truly astonishing.


Concert hall
2 bis rue des Taillandiers, Paris, 75011

Badaboum is located in the lively Bastille district. This 3-in-1 venue has a concert room where up-and-coming and well-known......