Activities for geeks

Role-playing, virtual reality, gaming arcades… Paris offers plenty of fun, digital experiences!


In the evenings or at weekends, many Parisian venues offer entertainment options for individuals and groups, including the increasingly popular escape games

The principle: locked in a themedroom (an office, a library, etc.), players must recover clues hidden all around them in order to get out of the room in less than an hour. A pioneer in the field, HintHunt Paris, located close to the Centre Pompidou, boasts eight rooms devoted to two main investigations. A great atmosphere and a fun evening guaranteed!

Near the Place de la République, Gamescape has the distinction of being inspired by the worlds of Georges Méliès, Jules Verne, JRR Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. The perfect combination of geek culture and role-playing! The different games (The Bastille Dungeon, Interview with Gustave Eiffel and The Alchemist's Challenge) that can be played in either English or French, in teams of up to 5 people, plunge players into a Paris cloaked in mystery and suspense!

With 12 escape rooms, Escape LAB offers you innovative immersive adventures made in France. You will discover original and unusual scenarios that can be played simultaneously in teams of 2 to 77 players.

Affiche du Manoir de Paris © DR

In a slightly different style, Le Manoir de Paris offers an evening of thrills and suspense. In this venue, there’s no need to find the key to get out of the mansion, the objective is more about keeping your cool! On a blood-curdlingtour, visitors are introduced to a series of horrifying characters, each more terrifying than the next. Not for the faint-hearted! Performed by actors and made up by professional make-up artists, the Manoir has organized every summer since 2015 the ‘Dead Games’, a not-to-be-missed event for fans of role-playing.

Based on a specific theme (Zombie Challenge, Armageddon), players actively participate in a thrilling experience, combining scares and sporting prowess! All for the sake of fun and perfectly safe!

Virtual Reality

Mk2 VR © Benoît Florençon

Good news for Parisian geeks: experience another reality with virtual reality (ILLUCITY La Villette, VirtualTime Paris, Laser World Paris Montparnasse)! Equipped with a headset, the player chooses his gaming environment: arcade, exploration, simulation, discovery ... and plays alone or in a group, guided or not, in complete safety. Mindout is the best known venue for virtual reality gaming, offering a space of 200 m² converted into a virtual arcade room, open every day except Mondays. Twenty games are available in their catalogue, from a solo stroll through Google Earth to multiplayer games. Most of the time, virtual reality is a solo experience … except at Virtual Room, a venue specializing in collaborative VR games. Welcoming up to four players, Virtual Room offers high quality VR experiences for about 45 minutes. The catalogue is limited but the experience is unique and very well-done!

Riding on the popularity of VR, the Mk2 cinema network has launched a cutting-edge virtual reality experience with Mk2vr. This VR device offers users an unforgettable experience, allowing them to live a film rather than simply watching it. A dozen programmes are available, such as Dive, an underwater odyssey to the depths of the ocean, in real time, in the company of William Trubridge, world champion and record holding freediver, and the futuristic I, Philip, which plunges the ‘virtual visitor’ into the last love story of writer Philip K. Dick.

Yoo Moov Stations - Parc Attractions indoor Paris La Villette - Moov Craft © Laurent Bugnet

Another immersive experience can be had at Yoo Moov Stations simulator. An ‘Indoor Amusement Park’ located in Vill'Up, Yoo Moov Stations offer a series of galactic missions to be experienced in a fun arcade setting. Players choose between six space missions and embark on an exciting adventure! Thrill-seekers are sure to enjoy the Moov Craft and Accelerator Room for a truly hair-raising experience! (Minimum size requirement: 1m20).

Atlantide is a geolocalized game on smartphone that transforms the city into a real XXL playground through original, playful and educational strolls, for young and old, in order to discover History in a friendly and shared moment, with friends or family.

Finally, La tête dans les nuages is full of old-schoolarcade games, and is located close to the Musée Grevin and the Grand Rex cinema. Retrogaming, racing, shooting and a huge selection of games can be enjoyed by young and old alike. For a fun afternoon, be sure to try mini-bowling, adapted for children!

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