Family accommodation

Why not look into the family accommodation options from Citadines and Novotel for your stay in Paris?

So you’ve made up your mind: Paris is the next travel destination you would like to visit with the family. The French capital boasts an extremely wide range of options to accommodate your entire family. To help you narrow down your choice, here are two options that are perfectly suited as a base for your family during your trip, both offering a number of advantages.

Novotel: Unmatched comfort 

Chambre Novotel famille Travelzoo

You’re busy planning your next holiday in Paris. The dates have been decided and you’ve made your list of all the things you want to do. Have you thought about where you are going to stay? Novotel hotels are ideally located, so you’ll be able to devote your time to sightseeing, and the rooms are comfortable and spacious. Kids under 16 can sleep in your room at no extra charge, and breakfast is free for 2 children under 16. If you would prefer them to have a separate bedroom, there is a 50% discount on a second room for children.

Citadines: A 3-star or 4-star apartment hotel for the feel of a home away from home

Citadines chambre famille Travelzoo

Why not opt for a home away from home while enjoying a range of services? Citadines Apart’hotels are apartments with fully-equipped kitchens where families can enjoy a comfortable stay in a spacious environment as well as the full service they would get in a hotel. Breakfast is free for children when an adult orders breakfast. This summer, you can take advantage of discounts of up to 30% on your stay as part of the ‘Family’ special offer.