Street art in the west of Paris

Discover the street art that fills the urban landscape in the west of Greater Paris

Fresque street art de Ben Eine à Malakoff © ville de Malakoff

The dynamic itinerary created by the town of Malakoff invites artists to interact with the urban landscape. Discover works by C215 and Vinie, a monumental creation that pays tribute to the chibanis created by Vince, and a mural fresco by London graffiti artist Ben Eine.

The Street Art à La Défense itinerary leads you around the furthest reaches of France’s most celebrated business district. From the entry corridors of the RER rail service to the outdoor esplanade, through the 4 Temps shopping centre, there are countless works of art to explore. They even include a piece of the Berlin Wall!

Edition 2016 de Urbanweek à la Défense © Saato - Defacto

If you’re in Boulogne-Billancourt, don't miss La Ruche du Tag - home to one of the world's largest international graffiti collections. This 200 sq.m site was created on the initiative of Alain-Dominique Gallizia, a collector passionate about urban art.

In Issy-les-Moulineaux, the street art is life size! Located in a small but delightful natural space, the "Street art goes green" wall features a long, colourful fresco filled with landscapes and characters.

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