Paris aboard the iconic 2 CV

Fancy something romantic, unusual and typically French? Take a tour of Paris in a 2 CV!

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Paris’s architecture, monuments, squares and façades fascinate people visiting the city for its elegance and romantic atmosphere.

And what could be more typically French than bowling along the streets of Paris in a Citroën 2CV?

Charming and unusual

A ride in a classic 2CV is an offbeat and enjoyable way to explore the various districts of the French capital. Comfortably installed on the vintage back seat of the very first car for the general public in history, you’ll be driven around to popular as well as lesser-known sights, to enjoy memorable moments and amusing anecdotes.

Along the route, tailored to suit your tastes, your chauffeur will unveil the secrets and hidden treasures of each district you visit: an engrossing journey into the history of the City of Lights.

A bird’s-eye view

By day or by night, a trip through Paris in a 2CV is packed with unforgettable moments, whatever your destination – the Champs Elysées, the heart of the Marais or Montmartre hill. The car’s convertible and transparent roof gives you a perfect view of the Paris sky and the monuments you ride past. Hair flying in the breeze, you’ll be totally caught up in the charm of Paris!

A 2CV tour (organized by four companies) 2CV Paris Visite4 roues sous 1 Parapluie, and Paris Authentic, is a one-of-a-kind experience, and a whole new way to explore Paris.

Unique sidecar trip with Retro Tour

Retro Tour

Jump on board a 1942-inspired sidecar with a vintage tricolour helmet and let yourself be taken along the streets of Paris by the Sider Gentlemen at Retro Tour. Alone or with a partner, discover this novel way to visit must-see monuments, historical sites, and unusual spots across the capital. There are four different packages available (Retro Classic, Great Escape, Retro by Night, and Made-to-measure) for this unforgettable, authentic guided tour.

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