Offbeat hotels

For a night like no other, surprise your other half and choose an offbeat or original hotel.

Le Seven Hôtel - Salon

Suspended bed, room with a mirror, boudoir atmosphere, view of a listed swimming pool … There’s nothing better for keeping things romantic!

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Five Hôtel, a cosy, romantic, futuristic hotel. Spend the night of your dreams in the exceptional “One By The Five” suite, with a bed that doesn’t touch the floor. For couples, it also offers a “Glamour Package” which includes a bottle of champagne and a LoveBox.

The Seven Hôtel offers rooms and suites, some with a hanging bed, with evocative names like “Nuit chic”, “Agent secret” and “Lovez-vous”. In the ultra-sensual “Cabaret” suite, you will even find a pole dancing pole!

The Hôtel du Petit-Moulin, tucked away in the Marais, is a 4-star boutique hoteldecorated by the celebrated fashion designer Christian Lacroix.

Fancy a swim just the two of you? This is possible at L’Hôtel, rue des Beaux-Arts, which on request, enables clients to privately hire its lower ground floor swimming pool surmounted by a vault. This exceptional hotel has seen many personalities come and go, such as Oscar Wilde (for whom it was the last home), Marlon Brando and Mistinguett.

L'Escale Royale No classification


Port de plaisance Port Ilon, Chemin du Barrage, Saint-Martin-la-Garenne, 78520


L'Escale Royale and its unusual accommodations in the middle of nature are ideal for a getaway. Located only 35 minutes from the......

L'Hôtel 5/5


13 rue des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 75006


L’Hotel was built in 1828 on the site of the pavilion Of Queen Margaux, located in the gardens of the her palace in the 17th......

Vice Versa Hotel Paris 4/5


213 rue de la Croix Nivert, Paris, 75015


The Vice Versa hôtel Paris benefits from its exceptional location, a 5 minute walk from Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and the......

Villa Royale Montsouris - Machefert Group No classification


144 rue de la Tombe Issoire, Paris, 75014


How would you know, before actually entering the Villa Royale Montsouris, that you would be crossing the Mediterranean? The......

Hôtel du Petit Moulin 4/5


29-31 rue de Poitou, Paris, 75003

Located in the Marais district, the romantic Hôtel du Petit Moulin was once home to the oldest bakery in Paris and the classic......

One by the Five 3/5


3 rue Flatters, Paris, 75005

Opposite the Five hotel, its owner, the One by the Five is a concept hotel made up of just one high-end suite. It offers an......