Romantic terraces

There are many exceptional terraces in Paris. Make the most of them on nice days!

Café Marly © Joe DeSousa via Flickr

Le Café Marly inside the Louvre, has a magnificent terrace under the arcades bordering the Cour Nepoléon, with a stunning view of Ieoh Ming Pei’s famous glass pyramid.

Just off the Champs-Élysées, in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the Mini Palais stands majestically on avenue Winston-Churchill, inside the grounds of the Grand Palais. For a drink or dinner, don’t miss its marvellous terrace, the length of which is bordered by impressive imperial columns.

The Auteuil Brasserie, in the west of Paris, is a little corner of paradise for couples wishing to get together over drinks or dinner. Here, the leafy decor perfectly complements the designer furniture.

For a more exotic atmosphere, meet on the terrace of the Café Maure in the interior courtyard of Paris’s Great Mosque. Come here to drink mint tea and try Eastern delicacies, surrounded by exquisite mosaics.

In summer and winter alike, the Quai’s floating terrace is open all day, for brunch through to dinner. Moored at the foot of the Musée d’Orsay, it offers unique views of both the Seine and the Louvre Museum.

Le Café Marly

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Le Minipalais

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