Musée Picasso Paris, the great Parisian come-back

The Musée Picasso Paris has reopened after closing for 5 years of renovation work

5 years of renovation work at the Hôtel Salé

The result is worth the wait. After closing for 5 years of renovation work, the Picasso museum, in the historic Marais district has finally reopened!

The event has been much-awaited by the public and the transformation of the museum is impressive for those already familiar with the place. It was carried out under the direction of architect Jean-François Bodin, and has doubled the surface area of the exhibition space as well as having changed the layout of the museum for visitors. With its vaulted cellars and attic galleries on the top floor, it offers visitors a fabulous historic setting with pared down modern interiors …

Laurent Le Bon, director of this new Paris Picasso museum states enthusiastically that all 37 rooms all have a different story to tell. The 17th-century mansion that has housed the museum since 1985 has many rich heritage features such as a monumental main staircase and sculpted interior decoration; and now it provides an even more splendid setting for the contemporary work of Pablo Picasso. Some 500 works by the master have been on show since the museum opened on 25 October – the anniversary of the birth of the painter (in 1881). And as the museum possesses some 5,000 works, there will be lots more opportunities to see this exceptional heritage!



Just like a new museum for Paris

The layout of the museum has been simplified to make it easier to visit. It gives more space to the works and gives access to different creative periods and the different mediums in which the artist worked. A sculptor, a ceramicist, a painter of course, photographer and writer …, the creative talent of Picasso broke all the codes and played with different disciplines. The Hôtel Salé has been completely transformed and for the first time gives access … to its terrace: undoubtedly the bar there will be much frequented! And you would imagine that Picasso would feel at home in this ‘reinvented’ venue.


Musée Picasso Paris, Hôtel Salé, 5, rue de Thorigny 75003 Paris

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Interview with Laurent Le Bon, Chairman of the Musée Picasso Paris : Paris, seen by Laurent Le Bon

Musée national Picasso-Paris

5 rue de Thorigny, Paris, 75003

The collection of the Musée Picasso-Paris accounts for more than 5,000 works and 200,000 archival items. By its quality, its size......