Books, CDs and DVDs at discount prices

Some shops sell CDs and DVDs at cheap prices.

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In Paris, it is easy to enjoy yourself and cultivate your mind for next to nothing.

There are numerous second-hand shops selling, books, CDs, DVDsat knock-down prices.

Paperbacks or books on art, video games or boxed-sets of Blu-Ray, at Gibert Joseph, Cash Express or Boulinier.

You can find everything at just a few euros.


Bookshops, CDs, photographic and computer equipment
16-18 boulevard Saint-Michel, Paris, 75006

The Boulinier bookshop has been a landmark institution in the famous Latin Quarter and student district of Paris since 1845. It......

Cash Express

Stock outlets
23 rue Beaubourg, Paris, 75003

Cash Express shops buy electrical goods, DVDs, CDs, video games, hi-fi equipment, musical instruments, etc. to resell at low......

Paris VI - Gibert Joseph - Librairie

Art de vivre
26 boulevard Saint-Michel, Paris, 75006

Gibert Joseph, only minutes away from the iconic square of the same name, buys and sells second-hand books (general topics,......