Big label clearance stores

Discover big name clearance stores in Paris for designer clothes at low prices

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High-end designers can be accessible to everyone.

To dress in designer clothes at low prices, take a trip to one of the big name clearance stores like A.P.C. Surplus, Stock Maje, and Et Vous Stock, where you’ll find previous years’ collections with discounts of 30 to 50%.

For shoes, check out André Stock, which sells discontinued and unsold items.

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A.P.C. Surplus

Stock outlets
20 rue André Del Sarte, Paris, 75018

This is the place to get designer clothes and fashion accessories that will never go out of style at discounted prices, with up......

Stock Ekyog

Stock outlets
33 rue Beaurepaire, Paris, 75010

The stock of this eco-chic brand from Brittany: all beautiful, all organic!

Stock Kookaï

Stock outlets
82 rue Réaumur, Paris, 75002

It's the biggest Kookaï store in Paris! A large choice of clothes in all sizes, with discounts of 30-70%.

Stock Jonak

Stock outlets
44 boulevard Sébastopol, Paris, 75003

This vast stock on two floors, ranked by size, has Jonak shoes for women with discounts from -30 to -40%.

Stock Sandro

Stock outlets
26 rue de Sévigné, Paris, 75004

In the heart of the Marais district, the Sandro stock offers collections from the last year with up to 40% off, as well as the......

Stock B

Stock outlets
114 rue de Turenne, Paris, 75003

With a space of 800m², StockB offers ready-to-wear, high-quality masculine clothing at reduced prices. An Arrow shirt, and a suit......

Stock René Derhy

Stock outlets
62 avenue du Général Leclerc, Paris, 75014

René Derhy offers last years's collection at a reduced price for an unconventional and creative wardrobe.

Stock Zadig & Voltaire

Stock outlets
22 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris, 75004

In this boutique, it stocks sweaters, tops, pants and accessories from the rock and girly brand, with reductions of -30 to -60%.

Stock Claudie Pierlot

Stock outlets
6 rue de Marseille, Paris, 75010

Ready-to-wear collections for women and city dwellers, with shoes and accessories with up to 40% off the original price.

Stock Sagone

Stock outlets
63 boulevard Magenta, Paris, 75010

Shoes in all styles and all sizes for men and women

Weill Stock

Stock outlets
102 rue Saint-Charles, Paris, 75015

Weill and Atika collections at reasonable prices. A great place to find timeless chic such as suits, dresses and coats.

Outlet les Petites...

Stock outlets
11 rue de Marseille, Paris, 75010

It's impossible to resist their chic and Parisian collections with discounts from 50-70%.

Stock Maje

Stock outlets
4 rue de Marseille, Paris, 75010

Judith Milgrom's famous chic, bohemian label sells the previous year's designs at reduced prices.