A meal in a restaurant in Paris for just a few euros? Find out where this is possible with our selection of cheap restaurants.

A meal in a restaurant in Paris for just a few euros? Find out where this is possible with our selection of cheap restaurants.

What you get: quality cooking and a cheap menu, and good ingredients to please your palate and your wallet!

For a light meal, for your figure (and your budget), Rafaël by Ilana has salads that you can put together yourself for only 8 euros.

Supernature, Paris © DR

And for inexpensive organic food, go to the canteen Super Nature near to the grands boulevards.

For French specialities, here are two fab no-fuss restaurants. The Cour du faubourg, just a few steps from the Bastille, is one of the cheapest restaurants in Paris.The cooking is simple and copious and the prices unbeatable: open lunchtime only, this (social reinsertion) restaurant has a menu at €9.50.

And opposite the Centre Pompidou, the Bistrot de Beaubourg serves traditional dishes at competitive prices.

Kunitoraya, Paris © DR

If you have a taste for something different, you’ll find cuisine with exotic flavours at affordable prices. For the best in Asian cooking at inexpensive prices, head over to the Chinese district in the 13th arrondissement.

A change of scenery is guaranteed at Tricotin and Pho Banh Cuon 14, two really friendly canteens.

Less well-known, but just as delicious, Korean cooking is worth going out of your way for. A great place to sample it is Bibimbap, by the Jardin des Plantes.

And for fans of Japanese cooking, there are dozens of canteens in and around rue Saint-Anne, such as Higuma, Kunitoraya or Yasube. In these lively places, you can eat lamens, ramens, or even sushi, from 2 euros.

Restaurant du Monde Carrousel du Louvre - cuisine française

And now, a change of decor with Bec Fin, which has couscous, paella and other oriental specialities on the menu.

As for the Italian restaurant Il Goto, it offers a menu which is great value for money.


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Traditional French cuisine
32 boulevard de l'Hôpital, Paris, 75005

Bibimbap is a typical Korean restaurant situated only around 200 m from the Museum of National History, in the 5th......

Au Bistrot Beaubourg

25 rue Quincampoix, Paris, 75003

For twenty years, this place has set the standard for bars in the Halles district. The Bistrot Beaubourg has the endless charm of......


Traditional French cuisine
32 bis rue Sainte-Anne, Paris, 75001

_You only have to look at the queue outside to see how popular this modest establishment in rue Sainte-Anne is. No sashimi here,......

Il Goto

Traditional French cuisine
212 bis rue de Charenton, Paris, 75012

Il Goto is a little slice of Italy in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Run by a couple of Italians passionate about food, this......


Traditional French cuisine
5 rue Villedo, Paris, 75001

Japanese soups Atmosphere: A pleasant Japanese ‘canteen’ with quick service and delicious food. As with all the......

Le Bec Fin

Traditional French cuisine
Chez Said - 15 rue du faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris, 75010

At Bec Fin, generous portions of couscous are served at very modest prices. Choose from Berber couscous, roasted couscous,......

Pho Banh Cuon 14

Traditional French cuisine
129 avenue de Choisy, Paris, 75013

Specialists in Tonkinese soup! The Pho Banh Cuon 14 is one of the only places to serve this soup made from rice noodles and beef.......


Fast food
15 rue Trévise, Paris, 75009

This organic canteen has a refined style and the service couldn't be more attentive. Most of the pictures on the walls feature......


Fast food
15 avenue de Choisy, Paris, 75013

Welcome to the most famous Chinese canteen in the Chinese district! Don't be put off by the queue, the fast turn-around or the......


Traditional French cuisine
9 rue Sainte-Anne, Paris, 75001

The rue Saint-Anne has a reputation for good Japanese restaurants. The Yasube is no exception and offers traditional cuisine in a......