Cheap bars in Paris

Friendly atmospheres and inexpensive prices in all kinds of bars

So, you’d like to spend an evening out partying with friends without breaking the bank? Well, you can do that, thanks to the many inexpensive bars that offer drinks at rock-bottom prices. Result: there is always a good friendly drinking atmosphere!

Le Syphax, one of the cheapest bars in Paris, can be found in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. With the cost of a pint of beer at 3 euros, the place is always packed. The icing on the cake: A long ‘happy hour’, which lasts from 4pm to 1.30am in the morning.

A few steps from Republic is La Caravane, a cafe-restaurant with a bright and friendly atmosphere. On the menu: cheap drinks, but also DJ sets and concerts. 

If you prefer the atmosphere of Irish pubs, try the James Hetfeeld’s Pub, well-known for its incredible beers on tap or in a bottle. For a quiet drink away from the noise of traffic, try the Tribal café, an oriental bar in the Cour des Petites-Écuries, a few steps from the grands boulevards.

Close to Les Halles, La Cordonnerie is a good place for a cheap drink in central Paris. As well as attractive prices, customers love the huge terrace looking onto a pedestrianized street. Close to Place de la Nation, Les Pères populaires is a rustic bar restaurant offering inexpensive drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

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La Cordonnerie

28 rue Greneta, Paris, 75002

Looking for a bar which really is non-expensive? At La Cordonnerie, a pint of beer is €4. Other drinks are priced similarly in......

Le Syphax café

26 rue de Châteaudun, Paris, 75009

Le Syphax Café is in an excellent location, very close to the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette metro station. The famous Parisian department......

The Shell

Bar | In a hotel
Hôtel Grands Boulevards - 17 boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, 75009

Situated on Paris' Grands Boulevards, The Shell offers cocktails - including its signature Old Cuban - with decor in rose hues......

Tribal Café

3 cour des Petites Écuries, Paris, 75010

Tribal Café is a bar with an oriental setting and atmosphere, located close to the Grands Boulevards. It serves free couscous on......

Les Pères Populaires

46 rue de Buzenval, Paris, 75020

Les Pères Populaires, in the 20th arrondissement near Nation, is a local bistro with an unusual look (second-hand sofa, school......

La Caravane

35 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Paris, 75011

La Caravane is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013! This bar-restaurant stands out as an essential part of Parisian......

Dédé la Frite

135 rue Montmartre, Paris, 75002

The Dédé la Frite bar, famous for its chip baskets, has throughout the years become a bar which is very popular for its friendly......

Le Pop In

105 rue Amelot, Paris, 75011

Le Pop In is primarily a rock bar. With a variety of beers, live concerts, and a lively atmosphere, the venue welcomes fans of......

Le Falstaff

42 rue du Montparnasse, Paris, 75014

French pub. Beer paradise. Frequented by students, the Falstaff serves no less than 120 types of beer to satisfy all thirsts.......