Welcome to the Lido de Paris!

With its revue, the famous Parisian cabaret takes you to wonderland …

The unmissable cabaret nestled on the most beautiful avenue in the world amazes the public with its revue Paris Merveilles.

The 27th revue in the history of the Lido de Paris is entitled Paris Merveilles and is directed by Franco Dragone, former artistic director of Cirque du Soleil.

This collaboration has resulted in an original show. The DNA of the Lido has been preserved: the bluebells, the feathers, the show, the music and the glitter are still there - he has relied on extravagance to sublimate them and reinvent the art of the revue. Ultra-modern technologies, original scenography and performances as varied as they are unexpected bring an extraordinary dimension to Paris Merveilles.

Seven outstanding dances, the Sublimes, lead the revue, plunging the audience into a romantic, glamorous and phantasmagorical Paris. Some twenty tableaux follow on one after the other, taking another look at mythical Paris, in alternating registers ranging from intimacy to big show time. Everything is presented at a hectic pace in the most festive of atmospheres! The French cancan makes its great comeback on the stage of the Lido. A moment of pure pleasure with euphoria at its height in the concert hall.

In total, ‘Paris Merveilles’ provides 1hr45 of surprises and keeps its promise: to give the public a truly memorable evening, a dazzling sight.

Practical information

Note: The Lido de Paris reopens on 16 September 2021

Lido de Paris - 116 bis avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris 8th

  • Dinner and show every evening at 7pm
  • Champagne show at 9pm and 11pm
  • Matinées
    • Lunch and show at 1pm (according to schedule)
    • Champagne Show at 3pm (according to schedule)

Lido de Paris

Cabaret / Show
116 bis avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, 75008

Experience an extraordinary evening at the Lido de Paris, a legendary cabaret situated on the most beautiful avenue in the world,......