Philharmonie de Paris, a new music venue in Paris

The Philharmonie de Paris, a place entirely devoted to music: concerts, exhibitions, meetings, workshops

The new Philharmonie de Paris concert venue, which opened in the Parc de la Villette in Paris on January 14th, seeks to bring the best musical repertoires to all the public and to become a reference in terms of acoustics.

An architectural and artistic project

Philharmonie de Paris - Grande Salle © W Beaucardet

Designed as a work of art by architect Jean Nouvelthe Philharmonie de Paris has a 2,400-seat auditorium providing exceptional visibility. Even the spectator who is seated the furthest away is still only 32 metres from the conductor!  The smaller concert hall and amphitheatre at the Cité de la Musique and the Musée de la Musique complete the musical programme at the Philharmonie’s symphony hall.

A ‘living space’ for music

Balcon - La Philharmonie

Already envisioned some thirty years ago by far-sighted artists, the Philharmonie de Paris finally opened in 2015 and seeks to be a venue for music, but also somewhere that encourages social ties and cultural exchanges. So, in addition to the programme of concerts, the Philharmonie has places to eat at, places to relax in, areas to walk around, cultural moments like a bookshop cum shop and meetings with artists for the public

A unique and original programme of events

The Philharmonie de Paris starts with a round of original artistic, pedagogical and cultural events.

During the day, there are music-related permanent and temporary exhibitions, music themed weekends for families and workshops for children, as well as cultural activities such as movie screenings – musical ones of course!
In the evening, major concerts are held here, from symphonic music (Russian National Orchestra, Orchestra de Paris, London Symphony Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker ...) through jazz, pop and world music.

Altogether, this is a world of listening to and sharing the pleasure of music.

Practical information

Philharmonie de Paris extérieur vue d'ensemble © Guilhem Vellut via Flickr

Philharmonie de Paris

221 avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris 19th

Metro Porte de Pantin

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