Paris, seen by the brazilian singer Flavia Coelho

Encounter with Flavia Coelho, a Brazilian singer who has lived in Paris for several years.

La chanteuse brésilienne Flavia Coelho © OTCP - DR

Brazilian singer Falvia Coelho attracts greater recognition with ‘Mundo Meu’, a terrific second album that goes in new directions. Before her first performance at Olympia on 17 October, the artist, who has lived in Paris since 2006, gives us her impressions of the French capital.

Flavia Coelho

17 October 2014 - 8.30pm, at Olympia

28 boulevard des Capucines, Paris 9th - Metro Opéra : What was your first impression of Paris?

Flavia Coelho : Quite dreamlike. I visited here for the first time in 2002 with a group, and then moved here in 2006. Both times, what thrilled me was how welcoming the city was to music, the curiosity of its habitants vis-à-vis music from other parts of the world and how interested they were in artists.


The place which is most symbolic of Paris?

As much of a cliché as it may sound, I would say the Eiffel Tower. One evening, I made a wish there that I would record an album in this city. As my wish came true, I never look at this monument without thinking about that!


The first piece of advice you would give to a friend from abroad visiting Paris?

Walk! It is the loveliest way to explore this city. I have walked hours and hours in Paris without ever becoming tired of it. Another bit of advice: take advantage of everything that is offered for free or at little cost. With outdoor cinema, concerts and exhibitions, it is amazing what you can do here!


A place in Paris where you would not think that you were in Paris?

The Butte-aux-Cailles, with its villagey atmosphere, or some discreet spots in the 5th, near where I live, like the Arènes de Lutèce.


So, are you more Left Bank than Right Bank?

No, I don’t find that the differences between the two Banks are as distinct as that. And I like to look further than stereotypes that exist. Just like in music, clichés push me to dig deeper to get beyond them.


The place to party all night long in Paris?

There are plenty! But overall, I like to go out in the rue Oberkampf district … I get the impression that many musicians meet up here and that you have more freedom here than elsewhere. Near to the canal Saint-Martin, I also like places like the Comptoir Général, or Cambodge, one of my favourite restaurants in Paris.


Your first measure if you were elected Mayor of Paris?

My dream would be to clean the Seine. Otherwise, organize a giant picnic every month, accessible really to everyone and in a popular spirit. The mystique surrounding some places in Paris should be removed.


The film that immediately evokes Paris?

"Midnight in Paris", , by Woody Allen, because he makes a dream come true, that of living in the Paris of another era, seeing artists that everyone would have loved to have met.


The funniest sentence heard in a Parisian taxi?

‘Paris is not the same without a cigarette’!


Words in which to sum up Paris?

Hard to leave Paris.  But I’m somebody who likes to move around, come into contact with new things, so some day or other, I will certainly go and explore new horizons…


Falvia Coelho, new album "Mundo Meu" (Discograph), on tour and concert at Olympia on 17 October 2014