Exhibitions at the Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is one of the most popular exhibition venues in Paris.

The Grand Palais, a major Parisian exhibition venue

Le Grand Palais, Paris © OTCP - David Lefranc

The Grand Palais is a monument symbolic of Paris. Built for the World Fair of 1900, it is a unique exhibition venue. The immense space of the Grand Palais’s nave can house exhibitions on a grand scale, while the national galleries, more classical in style, display the work of great artists in temporary exhibitions.

A unique venue, teamed with an outstanding programme, makes the Grand Palais one of the most popular exhibition venues in Paris. The queue is often long so it is worth planning your trip in advance and booking tickets online.

Kupka, pioneer of abstraction

From 21 March to 30 July 2018

Affiche expo Kupka Grand Palais © DR

This spring, the Grand Palais is organizing a major exhibition devoted exclusively to the abstract painter František Kupka. A pioneer of abstraction as well as a precursor of the Expressionist movement and skilled exponent of Symbolism, Kupka is considered one of the greatest European painters of the 20th century.

The exhibition is divided into five sections, which are both chronological and thematic. The first one examines Kupka’s early days as an artist in Vienna when, under the influence of a group of philosopher friends, he forged his nonconformist approach and explored Austrian symbolism. His representations of ideas in picture form led to his foray into abstract art some decades later.
His work evolved in the period between 1907 and 1911 into a free-form exploration of colour, in the shape of luminous and highly expressive nudes. Working outside the boundaries of art movements of the time, such as Cubism and Futurism, he gradually created his own singular style in which abstraction is by turns conceptual, synthesized, and an attempt to create space within the framework of the canvas. The colours are flamboyant, and the shapes appear to move, or to represent imaginary structures.

The exhibition covers every phase of Kupka’s life, unveiling the workings of a mind in constant search of meaning.

Artists and robots

From 5 April to 9 July 2018

Artistes et robots© DR

From 5 April to 9 July 2018, the Grand Palais invites visitors to discover an unmissable and original exhibition! Brought together under the most famous glass roof in Paris, more than 30 works created by or with technologies using robotics or artificial intelligence are highlighting the ways in which artistic creations, robotic use, and a scientific approach intermingle.

New technologies are becoming more and more a part of the art world, and today are at the origin of new aesthetics in which machines seem to play a more integral role than simply being used as a tool. Paintings, installations, videos, dance … all areas of creation are part of this new and noteworthy form of artistic design.

Works by Iannis Xenakis, Miguel Chevalier, Takashi Murakami and ORLAN come together as part of this unusual and unique Parisian exhibition.

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The Grand Palais is one of the most iconic Parisian monuments. Built for the 1900 Exposition Universelle, it is recognizable by......