Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou

The retrospective César at the Centre Pompidou: a major exhibition in Paris

The Centre Pompidou, centre of art and culture

Centre Pompidou © Amélie Dupont - Architecte : Renzo Piano et Richard Rogers

Less than forty years old, but already an icon! Opened in 1977, the Centre Pompidou, often referred to as Beaubourg by Parisians, has become one of the liveliest and most visited attractions in the city. It’s a museum of course, but also a library, a place full of life, and with its multicoloured exterior designed by Renzo Piano, a unique monument in the heart of Paris. Six floors, unusual architecture and a view of the whole of Paris, which visitors love.

With nearly 100,000 works to its name, the Centre Pompidou displays impressive artistic heritage with masterpieces by Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall, Matisse, Léger … But also numerous contemporary artworks: Boltanski, Buren, Hantai … Ever since it first opened, the Pompidou Centre has also hosted first-class temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Following its policy of making art accessible to all, it has opened another site in Metz, with both the building and the programme in line with the original in Paris!

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César retrospective

From 13 December to 26 March 2018

César, Coque Vallelunga n°1, 1986 - Compression ©SBJ/Adagp - Photo:Centre Pompidou MNAM-CCI/Philippe Migeat/Dist. RMN-GP

The Centre Pompidou is organizing a major retrospective of the work of the French sculptor César, a leading exponent of the artistic movement known as Nouveau Réalisme (‘new realism’), to mark the 20th anniversary of his death.

Drawing inspiration from industrial civilization and the precepts of academic art, César’s work is characterized by a dualism between classicism and modernity. Each of his series of abstract sculptures focuses on a particular technique or concept. He produced his junk art Compressionsthroughout his working life, making sculptures out of machine-crushed cars and grocery store crates to show that ordinary materials could be turned into art. Then there is his Empreintes humaines (‘human imprints’) series, of which the gigantic thumb titled La Pouce (1965) is the best-known work, or his Enveloppages works, which he made by enclosing everyday objects within softened Plexiglass sheets.

These works in series take pride of place in this retrospective – the first one the Centre Pompidou is devoting to César – together with his large-scale creations, some of which are displayed in outdoor spaces in Paris, as on the Esplanade de La Défense. The exhibition is on until 26 March 2018.

Sheila Hicks. Lignes de Vie (Lifelines)

From 7 February to 30 April 2018

Sheila Hicks Lignes de vie Affiche © DR

From 7 February to 30 April 2018, American artist Sheila Hicks’s colourful work is showing at the Pompidou Centre in an exhibition titled ‘Lignes de Vie’.

Having begun her career as a painter, Sheila Hicks has been breaking new ground since the end of the 1950s with artworks that include textiles, wool, linen and cotton.  Inspired by her travels, the artist uses practices rooted in Pre-Columbian America and the different weaving and folding techniques to create a unique body of work. Embroidered, knotted, twisted … her works, made from soft materials, sometimes on a large scale, are impressive. An innovator, Sheila Hicks is considered as the first artist to create multi-compositional sculptures, revealing different forms at each new exhibition. A pupil of colourist Josef Albers, she has been combining unusual shapes and colours for almost sixty years with unique compositions that you are invited to discover at the Pompidou Centre.

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