Where to do an escape game in Paris

Alone or in a group, solve the biggest puzzles in Paris Escape Games!

Inspired by video games, live escape games are offered in many places in Paris. Participants enter a locked room, with family or friends, where they must solve a puzzle to find their way out. They generally get one hour to awaken their inner Sherlock Holmes! With delirious suspense, complex scenarios and staging worthy of the greatest movie sets, these escape games are unusual experiences and offer a real adrenaline rush!

Sablier © Uros Jovocic - Unsplash

At the heart of the South Pigalle district, Team Break offers three spine-chilling conundrums.  Thwarting the Machiavellian coups of dictator Pedro Jevedezcou will be far from easy as participants must firstly escape from a gruesome prison, a not-so-heavenly island, or even a bunker that could explode at any moment! Another original adventure: Inside PSG, a 90-minute mission to solve a mysterious disappearance behind the scenes at the Parc des Princes and its famous club, Paris-Saint-Germain.

For a totally immersive escape game, head to the Manoir de Paris. Its ‘Skeleton Keyescape game is the only one to involve real actors. With colleagues, family, or friends, only keen reasoning, communication, and curiosity will lead to the end of the adventure. Thrills guaranteed!
As for the Victory Escape Game, its four missions on varied themes will delight everyone. Some will want to steal a priceless diamond, others will solve a crime on Shutter Island… or they could try and save the world!
The Château de Vincennes also offers an escape game down in its dungeons. The teams are taken to the heart of the 18th century and have one hour to avoid a secret conspiracy.

The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint-Denis and the Conciergerie also organize escape games during the year.

The Skeleton Key Adhérent

Guided tours
  • République - Gares de l'Est et du Nord

The Skeleton Key : Premier Escape Game du Manoir de Paris vous propose un jeu d’aventure hors du commun et interactif. Dans les......

Victory Escape Game Adhérent

Jeu et détente
21 rue de la Victoire, Paris, 75009

Victory is an incredible Live Escape Game of Paris, an epic-scale evasion combining reflection, cooperation and a major......

Parc des Princes Adhérent

Sporting activities
24 rue du Commandant Guilbaud, Paris, 75016

The Parc des Princes is the home ground of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the top European football clubs. It hosts matches of......

Basilique cathédrale de Saint-Denis Adhérent

1 rue de la Légion d'Honneur, Saint-Denis, 93200

The Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis was part of a prosperous and powerful abbey during the Middle Ages and was the first monumental......

Conciergerie Adhérent

2 boulevard du Palais, Paris, 75001

This great vestige of the Capetian Palace is a remarkable testimony of the civil architecture of the 14th century with the Salle......

Château de Vincennes Adhérent

1 avenue de Paris, Vincennes, 94300

The only fortified castle near Paris. It used to be a hunting lodge and royal residence, then a fortress and eventually a state......

Team Break Adhérent

Incentive activities | Guided tours
  • Opéra - Grands Boulevards

Team Break is a new concept of a "Live Escape Game" where 2-6 players live through an immersive adventure in a locked room in......


Incentive activities | Guided tours
  • Opéra - Grands Boulevards

L’Antichambre, escape games in Paris invites you to a unique game experience! In groups of 2 to 6 players, you must think......