Rollers & Coquillages, rollerblading in Paris

Rollers & Coquillages® organizes outings on rollerblades in Paris.

 "Promoting rollerblading generally but always in a relaxed spirit and with mutual respect…” (article 2 of the statute of Rollers & Coquillages association) ... This phrase sums up the spirit that motivates volunteers and participants in this now traditional Sunday afternoon outing.

The history of Rollers & Coquillages®

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In 1996, a small group of skaters used to meet up in the Marais district at around 3pm to skate in Paris. The relaxed spirit of this outing and the beginning of the craze for skating and rollerblading caught the imagination of numerous Parisians who joined in this “non-organized” tour. The group of people meeting up to skate became so big that the police authorities requested that a non-profit association be created to give a structure to this spontaneous movement. So it was through the efforts of these volunteers and their desire to share the pleasure of skating with others that the Rollers & Coquillages® association (which owes its name to the famous "Sous les pavés, la plage...») was created on 19 December 1997.

The tours

The Sunday afternoon tours
The Rollers & Coquillages® association organizes one of the biggest rollerblading tours in the world (more than 3,000 participants regularly). The tour sees skaters from all backgrounds and at all levels (a minimum level of proficiency is recommended), who may or may not be members of the association.
Members tours
One day per month, the association organizes a tour for its members. These outings in a «select group» usually take place outside Paris, to recapture the pleasure of the first “non-organized” tours.

Meet at 2pm at boulevard Bourdon (place de la Bastille)/M° Bastille. 
Depart at 2.30pm. Return around 5.30pm. 

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To know :

Level of skating required
This tour aims to be easily accessible. It is open to all skaters who have a minimum level of proficiency. You should able to control your movements and know how to brake effectively. You should be capable of managing your stress (skating in the middle of a crowd can be a little tricky at first) and your tiredness.
The tour may be cancelled
> In the case of a particular event in Paris (eg the arrival of the Tour de France, a major demonstration, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, etc.), or at the request of the Police authorities.
> In the case of bad weather conditions (rain, snow, waterlogged pavements, etc.) This decision is taken in conjunction with the police authorities, but may be imposed by Police headquarters.
The tour takes place exclusively on the roadway. Skaters should follow the instructions of the volunteer staff who are there to ensure their protection and that of the public. In the event of poor conduct, the volunteer staff, members of the Bureau et Conseil d’Administration and police officers are authorized to sanction offenders.
It is not necessary to have competition equipment, standard leisure skates are sufficient for enjoying this easy outing. On the other hand, be careful to check your equipment (tightening of screws, state of wheels, breaks, etc.) Everyone is strongly-advised to wear protective pads, whatever their level of competence. In particular wrist pads and a helmet.

Informations :
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Rollers & Coquillages

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Every Sunday afternoon since 1997, the Rolllers & Coquillages association has organized the biggest rollerblading tour in the......