Naughty Paris

Striptease clubs, cabarets, clubs libertins... This is the naughty Paris.

Danseuses du Crazy Horse, Paris © DR

Shocking chic has the edge in Paris, taboos are disappearing and sophisticated clubs with soft lighting, warm tones and moody music are springing up in smart streets around the capital - the new temples to eroticism. This is where the “in” crowd get together, where striptease, or should we say, “strip-chic” is staged in new and spectacular settings and men and women alike can feast their gaze on the body beautiful of a Venus or an Adonis. Alone or as a couple, with friends and even with work colleagues, going for a drink in a strip club is all the rage, the latest thing... Smart dress is essential to get in.
Sometimes the show can get “hot” before you know it, and certain Parisian clubs can take fantasies to new heights for a not-quite-so-sophisticated clientele… They call themselves “clubs libertins” and host evenings of a very particular kind.

Then there are the neighbourhoods with a naughty reputation… Pigalle, of course, with its sex-shops, peep-shows and suggestive costumes, not to mention the local “touts”, both male and female, who call out to passers-by, tempting them to step into their establishments. Enjoy the view if you wish, but from a distance!