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Where do I buy my ticket? A morning concert? Here are some answers to your questions on going out in Paris

You can buy your tickets at the venue, either on the day or several days before. Depending on the venue, ticket offices may be open several weeks before the performance and some events sell out very quickly. All the relevant information pages on our web site tell you how to book according to the type of show : Buy tickets online.

You can also go through specialist agencies, which in exchange for a supplement enable you to book your place in the first ten rows and collect your ticket 30 minutes before the show, without having to queue. Telephone or online services of some ticket agencies are also a good way to book, often at competitive prices.

There are also some packages available where you can simplify your evening arrangements by booking your seats at a show and at a restaurant nearby all in one go, either to eat beforehand, or, as is usual in Paris, to have supper after the show.

Paris hotel receptionists also know what’s on and can make reservations on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to check with our welcome staff too, who can advise you for your evenings out. Welcome offices in Paris

 What to do in Paris?

 Buy tickets online

Yes. Once it has been paid, whether it is made on the spot, by telephone or online, a booking involves the allocation of a seat number and is therefore definite. Should you decide to cancel, the seat will not be reimbursed or exchanged for another date. To avoid wasting your ticket, you could always give it to a friend as a gift.

If the cancellation is made by the theatre or concert venue, another date or performance will be offered in its place.

 What to do in Paris?

 Buy tickets online

Our web site gives you a selection of companies that you can book with directly online.

You can make bookings in a variety of ways, either directly with the excursion organizers themselves, in their offices, by telephone, fax or internet, or through an intermediary: welcome centres of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau or your hotel reception…

For excursions outside of Paris or abroad, or those involving guided tours, lunch, dinner, or shows, it is advisable to book several days beforehand.

Lastly, if you have been given a voucher by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau or your hotel, make sure you keep it safe: you will need to hand it in before departure, either at the agency before a coach trip, or to the minibus driver for an excursion leaving from your hotel.

You can pay for your excursions directly at the agency; by credit card on the company’s web site (using links from our web site); at the welcome offices of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau (payment in full in exchange for a voucher); at your hotel or apartment reception (payment in full or a deposit in exchange for a voucher).

 Excursions in Paris

For cruises on the Seine, it is not usually necessary to book, except for large groups, as they run so frequently every day. However booking is necessary for cruises on the Canal Saint-Martin.

 Cruises on the Seine and the canals

Numerous places, museums and monuments often offer special activities for children so that you can discover and make the most of Paris with children.

 Going out with the family in Paris