Fashion Freak Show: Jean-Paul Gaultier’s exhilarating show

This autumn’s must-see haute couture show.

The year’s most eagerly awaited show transports you into Jean-Paul Gaultier’s vibrant creative universe.
A fantastic new event is on at the Folies Bergère: Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show, a rock and burlesque extravaganza midway between a revue and a musical. Featuring spectacular scenography, a brilliant soundtrack and already iconic costumes, this show is definitely one of the must-sees right now. You’ll be swept up into the famous French couturier’s flamboyant creative universe.

A show like no other

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show defies description. Let’s just say it’s one big outrageous party.

Fifteen-odd circus, theatre, music and dance performers come together on the stage of the Folies Bergère to perform the couturier’s totally zany creation. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The show features an amazingly eclectic and high-profile cast. Jean-Paul Gaultier has roped in Nile Rodgers (the producer behind a number of Seventies chart-toppers, who has worked with the likes of Daft Punk, Madonna and Diana Ross) and exciting names on the current underground scene to get the crowd up and dancing to timeless hits and brand-new music.

Gaultier draws inspiration from cabaret and catwalk shows, giving them an exuberant new spin to create this breathtaking two-hour spectacular that will sweep fascinated audiences off their feet, whatever their age.

A scintillating and very personal show

Fashion Freak Show

This electrifying revue/show puts Jean-Paul Gaultier’s creative energy and sheer audacity on display. Spanning haute couture, music, dance and cinema, Fashion Freak Show pays a sparkling, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the last 50 years of pop culture.

Together with the show’s co-director Tonie Marshall and choreographer Marion Motin, Gaultier assembles past icons and contemporary talents on stage to pay homage to the artistes who have inspired him, among them filmmakers Pedro Almodovar and Luc Besson, singers Kylie Minogue and Madonna, and dancer and choreographer Régine Chopinot.

Video clips and short pieces that have never been previously displayed revisit the key moments in the career of the famed couturier best known for his Breton T-shirt, and give audiences a behind-the-scenes peek at the creation of the some of his most iconic pieces, like Madonna’s pink cone bra corset.

Jean-Paul Gaultier also reveals previously unknown details about his childhood, his love affairs and his life. Moving dextrously between timelines, he takes a tender and amused look at modern-day social phenomena, such as going overboard with plastic surgery and the impact of social networks.

Join the party! – and get a close and personal look at the life of one of the greatest names in fashion history.

Fashion Freak Show

Show - miscellaneous | Musical theatre, musical
from 18 September 2018 to 16 June 2019
Folies Bergère - 32 rue Richer, Paris

Jean-Paul Gaultier will be launching his Fashion Freak Show at the Folies Bergère on 18 September 2018