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Consignes dans les gares et les parcs de loisirs

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Left-luggage lockers (automatic and/or manual) are available at some of the main train stations in Paris and the Paris region so that you don't have to carry your bags around with you. Just as a precaution, it is advisable not to place valuable objects in the lockers. Lockers may be temporarily unavailable for security reasons. Locker fees (flat-rate fee for initial 24-hour rental period): small locker - €5.50; medium locker - €7.50; large locker - €9.50. Then €5 per each additional 24-hour period.

Gare de l'Est: Level -1 - Hall Central opposite toilets - from 6am to 11:45pm daily (including public holidays).
Gare de Lyon: Hall 3, exit for rue de Bercy – 6:15am to 10pm daily (including public holidays).
Gare Montparnasse: Level + 1 – 7am to 11pm daily (including public holidays).
Gare du Nord: Level -1, next to car rentals, on the taxi exit - from 6:15am to 11:15pm (including public holidays).
Gare Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy: Level +1 – 7am to 10pm daily (including public holidays).

Aéroport CDG 2 TGV: no left-luggage facilities at the railway station but 2 levels above the station, on level 4, a left-luggage service has been opened by the ADP (terminal 2F). In a public area, at the exit to the CDGVal station (terminal 2F), a left-luggage service, also close to the RER station, enables you to deposit your luggage for various periods of time.

Disneyland Park: at the entrance to the right of the Visitor Relations desk under the footbridge of the DHL on the right. Open from 8am until 45 min after the park closes.
Walt Disney Studio Park: to the right of the 13th ticket desk. Open from 10am to 5pm, open during very busy periods.
Small: €3, Medium: €7, Large: €9.

Times: Varies for different stations.


Left luggage in Parisian stations and Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy: Small locker: €5.50, Medium locker: €7.50, Large locker: €9.50, for 24 hours. €5 per additional 24 hours. Left luggage at Disneyland: Small: €3, Medium: €7, Large: €9.

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Consignes dans les gares et les parcs de loisirs

75 Paris
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