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Villa d'Alésia

Villa d'Alésia - 75014 Paris

Montparnasse - Alésia - 14e Arrondissement


This quiet Y-shaped street, one branch of which is a cul-de-sac, in the heart of the Petit-Montrouge district has an artistic past and present. Former artists’ studios have retained their large windows and many of the houses have art deco and art nouveau façades, decorated with brickwork and floral frescoes and covered with climbing plants. At number 37b, Henri Matisse’s former studio now houses an art school called Les Ateliers Terre et Feu. Other artists who lived and worked here include painter Auguste Leroux (number 11) and Edouard-Marcel Sandoz, famous for his animal sculptures, whose former studio is at number 2.

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Villa d'Alésia

Villa d'Alésia
75014 Paris

  • Subway - Alésia
  • Bus - 38, 68, 62, 68, 92

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