Food shopping streets

Filled with colourful fruit and vegetables, the market streets of Paris are delightful places to walk for gourmets.

Rue Montorgueil, Paris © OTCP - Stéphanie Rivoa

They are full of life at all times of the day: the delicious aromas of roast chickens set mouths watering and tradesmen shout their wares to passers-by … These are Paris’s market streets, where shops also have outside stalls, and where you can find all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal. Rue Mouffetard, in particular, has very practical opening hours, as shops there open late in the evening.

Rue Montorgueil, Paris 2e

Rue Mouffetard (Mouffetard district), Paris 5e

Rue Cler, Paris 7e

Rue d'Aligre (Aligre Market), Paris 12e

Rue Daguerre, Paris 14e

Angle rue Cambronne et rue Lecourbe, Paris 15e

Rue Jean-Baptiste Dumas, 17e

Rue Poncelet, Paris 17e

Rue de Lévis, Paris 17e