Fine food stores and upscale local food shops

In Paris, fine food stores and upscale local food shops are a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Boite de macarons Pierre Hermé, Paris © OTCP - Stéphanie Rivoal

Gastronomy is always much in evidence, thanks to artisans, chefs and renowned producers.

  International cake and pastry specialists include Pierre HerméLadurée and Philippe Conticini. A virtuoso artisan of sorbets and ice-cream, Martine Lambert offers upscale products without colourings and preservatives. As for the delicatessen G. Detou, their pistachios, ground almonds, pine nuts, chocolate bars … are ordered directly from the producers.

The food halls of major department stores like the Printemps du GoûtLa Grande Épicerie de Paris and Lafayette Gourmet offer a wide and very international choice, with the accent on quality.

In the 9th arrondissement, Causses is both a food store and a deli with soups, salads and sandwiches.

Licône Lollipops

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
NC, Paris, 75

Licône is a Parisian brand of handcrafted high-end lollipops inspired by the iconic artworks and historical figures. Currently......

Maison Mulot

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.) | Vins & alcools
76 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006

For decades, Maison Mulot has been a landmark establishment in the Saint Germain des Prés district. It has been renowned for its......

Printemps du Goût

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.) | Vins & alcools
64 boulevard Haussmann - 7ème et 8ème étage du bâtiment Homme au Printemps Haussmann, Paris, 75009

Jules Jaluzot always wanted people to view his Printemps department stores' as a large market where 'everything is new, fresh,......

Les Piqueurs

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.) | Vins & alcools
6 rue Tardieu, Paris, 75018

The new temple of French viticulture Les Piqueurs is a company founded in 2020 by two friends driven by the same passion: to......

Le Paon Qui Boit

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
61 rue de Meaux, Paris, 75019

« Le paon qui boit » (meaning « The drinking peacock”) is France’s first non alcoholic drinks store, located in Paris and opened......

Distillerie L’Alambic Parisien

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.) | Vins & alcools
32 rue du Volga, Paris, 75020

L'Alambic Parisien is a craft distillery located in the 20th district. Gin, brandy, liqueurs, etc., are produced on site.......

Le Boulanger de la Tour

Art de vivre | Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
2 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris, 75005

The star product of the bakery, the baguette de la Tour est - like all the bread - made in our workshop in front of customers,......

La Petite Epicerie

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
13 quai de la Tournelle, Paris, 75005

La Petite Epicerie de la Tour has opened at no. 13, next to the Tour d’Argent. A place where you will find all the daily......

Lafayette Maison & Gourmet

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.) | Vins & alcools
35 boulevard Haussmann, Paris, 75009

To delight your tastebuds or shop for gourmet ingredients and treats, Le Gourmet presents dishes large and small, delicious......

Lenôtre Victor Hugo

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
48 avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, 75016

Everyday, all year round, the best of takeaway gastronomy is at Lenôtre: golden pastries, home-made chocolates, festive menus,......

Moustache Artisan Glacier

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
63 rue de Bretagne, Paris, 75003

Moustache Artisan Glacier offers more than 50 flavours of artisanal ice cream, made in Brittany. In just a few months, Moustache......

Oliviers & Co Bercy Village

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
Cour Saint Emilion, Paris, 75012

Oliviers & Co sources olive oil from throughout the Mediterranean basin. It also offers associated products such as vinegars,......

La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
38 rue de Sèvres, Paris, 75007

Located opposite Le Bon Marché, La Grand Epicerie de Paris has become a 'must-see, a pleasure not to be missed, affording special......

Ladurée Royale

Restaurant original for its venue or entertainment
16 rue Royale, Paris, 75008

Ladurée Royale, the main house since 1862. This coffee shop was established in 1862, is decorated with wood panelling and......

Jean-Paul Hévin

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
231 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001

The French artisanal chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hévin opened his first Parisian shop in 1988, to huge success. His original......

La Maison du Chocolat

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
225 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75008

Ever since their first shop opened in 1977 on Rue Saint-Honoré, the Maison du Chocolat has been sharing with the world their love......

Mariage Frères - Le Marais

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
30-32 et 35 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris, 75004

With over 500 varieties of tea available à la carte, this French institution delights tea experts. In a retro colonial......

Petite manufacture Michel Cluizel

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
201 rue Saint Honoré, Paris, 75001

The luxury chocolate maker's Michel Cluizel is a family business created in 1948. Taste comes first at this company, which offers......

Patrick Roger

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
108 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 75006

Patrick Roger's creations stand out from the crowd. The chocolatier not only has fun sculpting the shapes of each of his works,......

Pierre Hermé (Bonaparte)

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
72 rue Bonaparte, Paris, 75006

Vogue magazine once called him “the Picasso of pastry”. Pierre Hermé learned his trade at Fauchon, then took his skill and talent......