Protestant worship

In Paris, there are many Protestant temples of elegant sobriety to admire, often full of history

Eglise Réformée de l'Etoile, Paris © Gilles Cohen

Although architectural complexity is not part of the Protestant tradition, there are many temples of elegant sobriety to admire, often full of history. The Temple de l'Étoile with its neo-Gothic Anglican style or the Temple du Port Royal and its neo-Romanesque style will certainly delight fans of ecclesiastical monuments.

Église protestante unie des Billettes

Place of worship
24 rue des Archives, Paris, 75004

Le cloître et l’église des Billettes sont des édifices religieux d'origine catholique situées dans le quartier historique du......

Église protestante unie du Saint-Esprit

Place of worship
5 rue Roquépine, Paris, 75008

It was during the Haussmann era, in 19th century, that the city of Paris decided to build the Saint-Esprit temple between Place......

Église réformée de l'Étoile

Place of worship
56 avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris, 75017

The Église Protestante Unie de l’Étoile, built in 1874, is one of the main protestant parishes in Paris, on Avenue de la Grande......

Église réformée de l'Oratoire du Louvre

Place of worship
145 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001

Service: Sundays at 10:30am Weekdays: 7pm every second Monday of the month This is a former Catholic church. It represents the......

Église réformée du Marais

Place of worship
17 rue Saint-Antoine, Paris, 75004

Le temple du Marais est une église située dans le quartier du Marais. Fameux pour son architecture, il a été bâti sur les plans......

Temple de la Rédemption

Place of worship
16 rue Chauchat, Paris, 75009

The Temple de la Rédemption is a Protestant temple located a stone's throw from the Boulevard Haussmann. Assigned to the Lutheran......

The American Church in Paris

Place of worship
65 quai d'Orsay, Paris, 75007

The American Protestant Church in Paris is the first outside of the United States (1814). The current building dates from 1931.......